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Biggest Mystery: WTF happened between Zeljko and Jurgen?


Who knows, I cant imagine him managing Arsenal which is where a lot of rumours went. But it’s a shame, the man is a genius and the two have been close since day one.


I really hope it’s Zelkjo taking a good job somewhere and not some bullshit


petty, who, me?


Let’s fuckin have them. The atmosphere in Liverpool today is insane


Fulham are back in the EPL.


Wow, I can’t stand Real Madrid.


All-time depressing UCL finals. Karius’ career is leveled, and Ramos’ should be, especially if it’s true and Salah is going to miss the World Cup. Criminal sort of play.


What a season though, fantastic to get so far.

However, fuck Ramos, that was no accident I’m shocked nobody took him out towards the end cos I sure of shit would have had his legs.

Karius showed potential this season, started strong today but that’s got to be the final game he plays for us.


I feel the same way but I doubt Jurgen Klopp does. I hope he brings in Donnarumma or Allison but Dropping Karius like a bad habit isn’t his style.

Nobody took Ramos out because our team has class.


Yeah I can’t imagine him dropping him but we need a solid 1st keeper.

Champions league final, your friends been targeted. Fuck class.

Next season we go again, let’s ■■■■ Madrid in their own garden, they might actually sell some tickets then


Good news hopefully!!!


You get em back by beating them and there was no shortage of effort there.


I feel like you can’t beat them that way. Some of their guys just make the biggest meal out of the smallest touches. And get away with grisly murder on opposing players. Just have to outplay them tbh.


I gotta stop looking at Twitter. Here’s Ramos nailing Karius with an elbow.


Oh I completely agree, but 2 goals down with a minute or two left I wanted some aggression but oh well.

Big game experience counts big time, but being best friends with UEFA and diving is invaluable.

@M_o yeah I have no problems with the teams performance, bar a few moments we looked asleep we grafted


Honestly, if I’m the UEFA president that Ramos jiu jitsu move has me really considering adopting some replay system. From one angle it’s not even clearly a foul, but from others it’s clearly deserving of a red card. Can’t keep letting players get away with this sort of shit.


What a signing out of nowhere. Fabinho mate, what a signing. If we pull off Fekir then we completely displace Milner, Hendo and Gini. Need that type of competition in the squad


Liverpool done milking Southampton. Now following suit with the rest of Europe and copping Monaco’s best players.


I’ll be totally honest, I had no idea who Fabinho was, but he looks good enough in a youtube highlight clip*

*surely, how all the best pro scouts analyse potential signings amirite guise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From the vid I watched, he has better close control/dribbling than I’d have expected out of someone that seems pretty tall/lanky, but yeah it’s clear that his forte is ball winning. His long range distribution looks pretty good when he has time to measure it, not sure how that fares under pressure.