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He is a solid DM, been played as a full back recently but moved back to DM. Been a while since Javier Mascherano and having a good DM.


We’re deep into the World Cup. Its been…okay? I’ve been having a harder time catching every game. Some of the games have been a little disappointing, but I feel like the marquee matches have really delivered. Portugal vs. Spain was fucking incredible. Mexico vs. German was tense and emotional.

Also offseason player movements have been really interesting. Arsenal for the first time in ages are moving hella quickly on player pick ups. Torreira should be announced soon. The news about seven Sporting Lisbon players terminating their contracts is HUGE. I expect Arsenal and Liverpool to battle it out for some of those guys. Really though Liverpool should have tried to get in Rui Patricio, but he ended up going to Wolves.

Edit: Just a quick thought on the Lisbon players terming their contracts. Cause it feels weird to be excited about the possibility of signing players on frees, considering the conditions that made the players feel like they had to leave. I think it sucks that asshole, entitled fans felt they should be allowed to invade a training facility and attack players.


I think this world cup has been amazing, regardless of the amount of 1-0 games. As someone who doesn’t support England, I get to just watch decent to good football each and every day (and in work whilst on 12 hour shifts). Mexico v Germany was beautiful btw. And Harry Kane is a tap in merchant who should not in a million years be captain.


I respect the international trend of just giving your marquee player the captain’s armband cause who the fuck else is going to tell them to what to do? Same with Messi and Argentina.


That penalty call against Tunisia, Kane was nowhere about, it was left down to Henderson to deal with the ref. I’m not a big Henderson fan but he should have the armband over Kane.


Very Happy Hendo doesn’t have the armband. He should have it, but Harry Kane can deal with the fallout if/when England crashes out at whatever point they do.


To be fair that’s a good point. Im no England fan at all, but i’d rather Kane catch the flak than Hendo


I’m no England fan, but they should have had that game boxed off in the first half. Lack of experience and creativity allowed Croatia the comeback.

What a weird final and a good world cup so far.


Millennial nations are destroying the World Cup Great Eight, our reporting at 11


Was hoping for the game to go into penalties. I didn’t have any stake in the game, just wanted it to keep going. Strange final, going to be sad when it’s all over.


honestly the Guardian Football Weekly podcast put it best

Croatia was supposed to be tired, why weren’t they tired?


Wanted France to win before the final, but I’m a little unhappy with the ref decision to give them the free kick that led to their first goal.


Fuck yes Pussy Riot!

Not a bad game either.



Love it!



Sooo… fantasy premier league anyone?


Yeah, I’m down for that.


If we do a fantasy premier league, and Pogba goes back to Juventus, what happens to the person who drafted him?


I’m so here for MN United. The Loons are doing great this season, and it’s such a positive atmosphere.

Allianz Field looks dope, also.


I think you just get back the amount of points he’s worth at that time and then transfer someone in.