Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (We're doing EPL Fantasy! Post #464 for Info)


OK I guess if people want to join a league I made one over here enter the code 802771-672175 once you make a team (it’s a classic league).


I haven’t seen enough of Minnesota. I’l def be scoping them out in tonight’s game against the Galaxy.


Cool, I’ll work on signing up.

Edit: Already noticing that Liverpool’s new signings are kinda cheap. Gunna take a chance on them. Kinda expecting them to blow up West Ham.
Edit2: I’m very pleased with how my team turned out.


Nice! Here’s mine. They’ll be public once the season starts FYI


I was a little hesitant to pick and start a lot of Chelsea players. Just no clue how the new manager will get things going. Still tinkering with the team. Wanted to get more Arsenal players, but their first game is Man City, so decided to leave City and Arsenal players mostly off.

Fingers crossed that Keita ends up being really good and transfer value goes way up.


I have super high hopes for Keita, and he’s been excellent in the pre season. I think it might take him a bit of time to gel with the front 3 but with Sturridge he’s been on the same wavelength.

Yea that’s the reason I don’t have many Chelsea players, especially in defense since no Courtois basically means they will get way less clean sheets now. Still not sure about Mkhitaryan but we’ll see.


Jazz Richards Rovers’ starting 11 for week 1, unfortunately not including namesake and in-canon player-manager-owner 27 year old Wales defender Ashley Darel Jazz Richards, who is on the bench. Also got Matty Ryan, Harry Maguire and Aleksander Mitrovic on the bench, pretty handy, but no Jazz Richards.

Check my kit aesthetic, going for Waypoint-Celtic:



Was watching an ICC friendly and realized Giroud probably on break. Ended up getting cheaper defenders so I could swap Giroud for Lacazette.


OK I’m in. I have a tendency to forget the thing even exists at some point so I don’t reckon I’ll do well, but starting 11 right now is:
De Gea
Trippier Lichsteiner Tarkowski
Fernandinho Salah Jota Keita
Zaha Firmino Kane

my bench is absolute bottom of the barrel dudes whose names I don’t even recognize taken just because they’re cheap.


i don’t know a goddamn thing about who’s good in the PL anymore so i went by 1) son heung min is so beautiful and handsome 2) i should probably pay attention to big numbers 3) plug the gap with some cheap dudes doing their best at the lower end of the table

say hello to metal gear wrexham, i’m excited to pay attention to this for 2 weeks before forgetting about it


I usually also forget after a few weeks I feel y’all but I’m hoping to keep it going this year, hence this thing!


I hate how many City and Chelsea players I ended up with.


I’ve never done fantasy EPL before, thought it sounded fun so I hopped in as well. If nothing else, will probably spur me to pay at least a little more attention to matches outside of the big 6.


Yeah, I’m a little unhappy with the number of Manchester United and Tottenham players I have. I’ll def be making transfers once I see next week’s fixtures.


FYI on transfers: For any of you who haven’t played this specific version of fantasy - after the first gameweek, you will only be able to make one free transfer per gameweek. If you don’t make one, free transfers accumulate up to two per week. After you spend your free transfer, they cost 4 points that will be deducted from your total.

Throughout the season you get only 2 or 3 passes that will allow you to make unlimited transfers one week of your choosing (these are usually given after transfer windows shut down).


Pretty happy with how I did in fantasy. Just deciding what to do with my goalkeeper situation. Kinda lost confidence in Pickford, but no clue of Leno will play. Maybe I’ll just stick with him for one more game cause Everton play Southampton.

Kinda bummed that Arsenal lost to Manchester City. I recognize we’re in a process, but I’m unsure if Emery gets to have much say in the players we sign. And we can’t spend the same way City, United and Liverpool have spent. So it’s hard to see Arsenal challenging between now and in the future.

Not really related to the season, but I finally got to see the '89 documentary. Glad I held off buying it from Amazon video, cause it’s on Netflix. I never really knew the Arsenal outside of the Wenger years. Didn’t know much about the season aside from the final game against Liverpool. I also love listening to Ian Wright talk about David Rocastle. He fucking loves Rocky so much, he weeps when talking about him.


It’s gonna take time for Emery to instill his way of working in the players, with that type of project you’re looking at a two season four window type timeline IMO.

On another note, Kroos is cancelled.


Saw that and agree.


I’m doing terrible this week in fantasy. But that’s okay, I saw Brighton beat Manchester United.


Lol @ United. Mou’s 3rd year never fails to entertain.

The Arsenal-Chelsea match was a wild ride. Disappointing that so many clear chances were missed by Arsenal, but encouraging to see those chances even created. Only question now is can we sell all of the CB’s in January.