Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (We're doing EPL Fantasy! Post #464 for Info)


I have a friend in another league who played Aguero as a triple captain and he got him 60 points…

First half Liverpool performance looking good so far. Keita is amazing.


I’m so relieved Arsenal have an easier run of games.

I hope Arsenal put 6 past West Ham.


Blaaaah, I had such a good week in fantasy. Except I left Ozil in the team. Even though I had read about his illness the night before and forgot to act on it.


transferred mitrovic out of my team this week

folks, ya boi fucked up


yeah I have some regrets this week. I put in richarlison and subbed mane in for salah. at least marcos alonso remains solid AF.

edit: also glad I dropped off the De Gea train, especially given today’s match.


I’m feeling myself but this is how it usually happens. I do well in the first few weeks and then have a “mid-season” dip of about 3 months before I finish relatively strongly.


Guardian is going all out


feel like i chose a good time to start following spurs again


Yeah, not bad. Missed the last goal from today’s game, but Kane and Moura’s goals were excellent. I know I’m supposed to hate Tottenham, but I’m really enjoying the pressure piling on Mourinho this season.


I mentioned this in the discord, but what makes this perfect schadenfreude is that Jose’s been moaning about the board not bringing in a centre back for him, so to lose against Spurs who have brought in *checks notes* …no one…is :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


Yes, seeing Mourinho constantly whine about how bad things are for him despite having spent an incredible amount of money in the last few years is really satisfying. His management style has always been so offputting and has just degenerated into straight up trash recently.


This is pretty upsetting. I had no idea that Arsenal Supporters Trust members were forced to sell their shares to Kroenke.


Wow that’s… wild. He’s buying all the shares and moving the club’s registration to the US? That’s such a blatant disregard for the supporters it’s almost comic book villainy.

Letters seem fine on the whole (although this obsession with trophies over values, something that is also super common for Liverpool supporters, is one of the reasons I’ve been less interested in the game overall).

Personal favourite: “I will now be faced with a large CGT bill and large influx of cash that I do not need, in times of low interest rates.”


Oh yeah, some of that stuff is goofy as hell. It must have been cool having a piece of the club, and feeling bettter connected because of it. Even though I can barely catch second division Spanish soccer, I have two shares in Real Oviedo and I’m always excited to see good results that bring them closer to the top division.


That’s Kroenke for you


Wow, Clint Dempsey is retiring. He had a heck of a career.


Man I love Clint Dempsey. He’s quick with his feet but you ain’t seen the fists.

For real though, he’s great.





south korea just beat japan 2-1 in the asian games final which means son heung min is now exempt from military service, i’m so happy for him


makes up for them not signing anyone, if you’re a spurs fan

also jo hyeon-woo, the national team goalie who was fantastic at the world cup, imagine he could get in at a top 5 league european team now