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OMG, Kyle Walker’s goal. What a rocket.


Only caught bits and pieces of the Arsenal game cause I stayed up late playing MHW and kept fading in and out of sleep. Lacazette is my hero, so glad he got to start. Hard to gauge Torreira cause he doesn’t start. But for the for the time he played, he looked real good. Just worried it was easier cause he was fresher than the rest of the opposing outfield.


Lacazette has so much potential, if Emery taps into that he’ll be a force.

Fantasy went OK this week but what happened with Newcastle! I was all ready for them to get demolished as usual, captained Aguero and everything. Benitez man!


Feel like I chose a bad time to start following spurs again


God, Toni Kroos is just the worst


2 Liverpool injuries before a ball has been kicked. Right on time. (Mingolet apparently out with a hand injury)


eh blogs are speculating that both will be fine by the Tottenham game. What’s more worrying IMO is our next seven fixtures (edit: 6 of them anyways, don’t particularly rate Southampton over Leicester) are all against tougher opposition than they’ve seen thus far, so for all the talk about “we’re winning despite not playing well,” they’re going to need to start playing well.


Oh really? I hadn’t seen that. That’s not too bad then. I do think Pep’s method of ‘injuring’ players is one to replicate

The whole winning despite not playing well is a load of shite I think. We had a few slip ups last game but the others all seemed comfortable. Also it’s the Liverpool way to turn up against the harder sides.


Dang, what a jerk. Why is Low letting Kroos trash on his teammates anyways?


Maybe he just doesn’t like Sane, given the fact that he didn’t take him to the World Cup.

It’s quite baffling that Low is still there honestly, all signs point to a long term deterioration of that team, they need a fresh perspective. He should have also recognised that.

@dyfrig I agree, we turn up when playing better sides, and frankly we haven’t been playing THAT badly, we controlled each game, even against Leicester while the midfield wasn’t up to snuff we were comfortable, they haven’t really created anything.

In the four games there were maybe only 2-3 chances that could have ended up as goals against us, that’s quite an achievement. I am looking forward to PSG, Chelsea and all that, should be fun.

PS Zaha is a good dude (although while a great gesture, this somewhat masks the structural problems in the women’s game)


Daaang, wish I caught this game.


Wow, Sigi Schmid has left the Galaxy. Dom Kinnear going to take over as interim head coach. Don’t love the timing, but maybe for the best.

My biggest concern is that the league has changed a lot and coaches like Sigi aren’t good enough any more. Just looking at Kinnear’s record and he may not be much better. Hopefully the Galaxy look at this as an opportunity to bring in someone fresh.


Didn’t catch a ton of games over the weekend. Just made sure to watch Arsenal. Still weirded out by the team selection and formation. Really good second half. Bummed they couldn’t get a clean sheet, but glad they took a win on the road.

Fantasy is going well. Although I goofed and used my free transfer for David Silva, instead of addressing my upcoming goalkeeper problem. Pickford is facing Arsenal, and McCarthy is facing Liverpool. Playing either is probably going to be a disaster.

Edit: Just remembered that I found something cool to share. So I learned about Lewes FC so I did a little more research on them. They’re a community owned club where the men and women are paid equally. The women’s team recently dropped Ladies from their name, so they’re just Lewes FC.


Did not do very well this week, and I have four injured players for the next one so need to figure something out here. Maybe will play my free hit this week.

Liverpool did a great job on Spurs, creating this amount of chances at Wembley against them is quite an achievement, even despite the fact that they should have had a pen. Super looking forward to PSG tonight, gonna go out to watch it live, CL football let’s go!

@aggrocrag Their stadium is called The Dripping Pan? You have my attention :joy:

EDIT: On another note, I have been playing FIFA 14 on the PS3 recently, because it’s a completely brainless experience, and enjoying it despite the tendency for the game to randomly press the lob/sliding tackle button 2-20 times per game.

I usually do club career and picked Bournemouth this time. On my second season now, the most gratifying thing about FIFA for me is bringing young players through the academy and finding the one or two that can go straight into the starting eleven. The scouting is bad but the youth system is really cool.


I really enjoy playing FIFA with a smaller team. Works especially well when you can give younger players a chance, just cause stat-wise, they’re lateral moves. But with an upside of being able to develop, and sell off for a huge profit.

My go to small club is Real Oviedo. With the newer FIFA games, they get the J-League, so I’ll sometimes start with Sagan Tosu and set a career path for myself.


I got 2 million for transfers after I placed first in the championship with Bournemouth which was a bit surprising, but yea just using younger players became a lot of fun.

Also, just got home after beating PSG and BOY was that hilarious. We should have been out of sight, but this season it’s almost like we do exactly the amount of effort that we need to win and nothing more. “Oh, you scored and made it a draw? Damn, now we gotta go score another one, ugh, jeez, why.”

Also, to the French guy who ran up to me to tell me that Mbappe’s first name is Kylian (for real? After that World Cup showing?) after he scored because I was wearing my Liverpool shirt…

Come on brah. Come on.


Yo ullllllllllllllll


Quick thoughts on Arsenal’s game against Everton. They were pretty awful. Might be one of the worst first 45 minutes I’ve ever seen. But even with Everton making more chances and missing them, I knew in my gut Arsenal would score. We just have better strikers. Lacazette’s goal might have made sitting through that game worthwhile for me.

Fantasy was okay for me this week. I played my wildcard and changed my squad up pretty drastically. But they underwhelmed. Making Lacazette my captain really saved me. I hope someone out there had Cech, cause he played out of his mind.


John McGinn’s goal at the weekend was just an absolute screamer. I love when someone just shins a ball in off the crossbar.


Just googled it. Prettttaaaaay good.