Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (We're doing EPL Fantasy! Post #464 for Info)


Also used the wildcard and did OK but nothing special.

Because I am fully aware of how cause and effect works, I took out Salah so that he would score and play well. And he did.

What I did not count on was the effect of me putting Firmino back in would have. He played really badly.

Oh well.

EDIT: By badly I mean on the ball. Off the ball he was perfect as usual.


I did the same (Salah off, Firmino on), but I think given the price differential long term it’s probably the right move.


I know Brentford isn’t the strongest team, but it’s real nice seeing Arsenal dominate.


Didn’t get up for the West Ham game but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.


So Hazard scored a great goal against us mid week… Sturidge just scored an absolutely perfect goal and I can’t believe my eyes


Hazard is so good. I’m amazed he’s still with Chelsea.


What a goal by Sturridge, absolutely phenomenal. We should have had three more but I’ll take it.


Rumor is that Arsenal are interested in bringing both Miguel Almiron and Ever Banega this January. I’m cool with this move just cause we still have a future prospect in Almiron. Definitely gunna tune into Atlanta’s playoff run so I can see him play.


Atlanta is very fun to watch, and not just by MLS standards. Good way to stretch the soccer day into the afternoon / evening.


Yessssss, came up two spots in fantasy.


oh yeaaah. up to second!


You’re gonna end my reign of terror any gameweek now @juv3nal, I need to get my head in the game!!


There is a dogfight down in the relegation zone of the fantasy league! Back to 9th!


The USWNST qualified for France. I’m pretty excited about that. Although I wish their competition during qualifying was better. I think at times I didn’t really even understand what position everyone played cause they were scoring so freely and basically looked like they lived in their oppositions 3rd of the field.


Yeeeeah, Arsenal up to 10 wins in a row. Feels pretttay good.


Holy flip, Unai Emery does kind of look like the Count, now that you point it out.


That goal from Auba was pure magic. This team is coming together much quicker than I expected.


11 wins in a row.


Yeeeeeah, top 4 in fantasy league.

Edit: Oops, everyone’s points got updated. I’m down to 7th. LOL.


Der Spiegel just released a huge investigation into… well… basically all the football scandals of the last 5 years and it is not a surprise - all the big clubs want to create a Super League. Which is obviously a fucking awful idea. Liverpool is included in this list which is not surprising but really sucks…

I REALLY want to see something actually happen this time, some sort of reform, see people fired, see people go to jail, see some action. There probably won’t be anything. Because obviously they have all the money. One can dream.