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This is the story about the super league


Seeing this absolutely disgusts me. However I’m not surprised. Capitalism squeezing the life out everything in its grip. I’m glad to see so many fellow Liverpool fans outright shooting this down. Me personally, I’d abandoned the club in a heart beat, football has already moved extremely far from and forgotten about it’s roots so I wouldn’t hesitate to ditch it.


Another lawyer and I are plotting an analysis of the super league idea and how it would have to be structured under EU competition law. Stay tuned (if you’re into that)


Pretty pleased with the Arsenal vs Liverpool result. Thought Arsenal really brought it to em in the first half and stuck with it most of the match.

This is a dope goal:


So happy for my Tigers!


Woah, CL was REAL weird today/tonight.


Footie adjacent…

Whilst I’m no fan of the Echo, my god I love our city and the people. Puts YNWA into practice


Arsenal vs. Tottenham was bonkers.

Also, I neglected my fantasy team for this week. Did terrrrrrrible.


You want to talk bonkers, what about the ending of the Merseyside derby?

To misquote Syrio Forel

There is only one thing we say to Everton: “Not today.”


I didn’t even realize Origi was still a Liverpool player.


Hahaha Everton, we’re all laughing at you!

But in all seriousness, they deserved the win. Was a fantastic game, an unforgettable derby but they were probably the better side. They seriously need to keep hold of Gomez but Everton are looking good.

We however looked as though we thought they were going to sit back like last derby and shit ourselves. But a win is a win. Can’t wait to see the bitters in work


I did it again.

He scored a hat trick.


I just want to say that Alisson kicks ass. I’m a Internacional supporter, the club where he came from and it makes me really proud that he’s being that good in a top league.


we’re very glad to have him!


Yea he’s phenomenal. It’s such a weird feeling as a Liverpool supporter to just be confident in your goalkeeper on crosses, stopping shots, starting attacks, redistributing the ball with his feet, everything. Even when Reina was at his height he was not as safe.


I’m so glad we have Lucas Torreira. Although I’m starting to wonder if Arsenal need to offload Ozil? He’s such a talented creator, but the rest of the team can’t seem to take the added pressure when he can’t defend with the rest of the team.


I try not to gloat too hard because I have a cousin who’s a Man United fan, but…Gary Neville having to commentate two Shaqiri goals after having been critical when we signed him is peak schadenfreude inject that shit straight into my veins.


Hahahah what a match, bring on Citeh, we’re gunna win the league


Mourinho is out two days after we beat United.

chef’s kiss

Would have loved him to stay longer but him sacked after we demolished them is the second best scenario.