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Love all this, even better that Utd leaked their interim manager and couldn’t even announce that properly.


I just started watching Sunderland 'Til I Die on Netflix. Got through three episodes and I like it for a few reasons. One of em is that I’ve always wanted to see what local communal fan support looked like, good and ugly aspects. I’ve been aware of how bad the club has been for a while, but it was interesting to see it from the inside. But also cool to see the bright spots, like seeing youth players come up. I’m pretty excited about this kid Josh Maja, who might actually be real legit. I looked him up last night, he’s only 19 and he’s lighting up League 1.

Edit: Oooof, Jack Rodwell doesn’t come out looking very good in this.


If you haven’t seen ‘Make us Dream’ the Steven Gerrard doc then it’s a must watch. As a Liverpool fan it had me in bits at times.


Yo dayyyyum. Liverpool fans, how much do you love Crystal Palace right now?


Saw a comment that Hodgson is loved more right now than at any point in his Liverpool tenure which sounds about right.


Brilliant! It was Chelsea and Palace who cost us last time


This caught me off guard.


As much as I am absolutely ecstatic about being 6 points clear at the top of the table, how the hell are Spurs doing this well? It’s such an indictment of the transfer policies of so many clubs, including Liverpool’s, that they did not buy a single player in the summer and are still competing at the very top, with a much smaller budget and wage bill, AND with all the stuff going on with their stadium.

Honestly I’m not a fan of Spurs, and whenever they play Arsenal I always support the gunners but wow you have to give them a huge amount of credit, and Pochettino as well.

But yea. 6 points clear LETS GO!


your guess is as good as ours but i’m going with Pooch Is A Fucking Wizard

also Heung Min Son is the Absolute Boy


Yep that seems about right!


Wonder if they should just postpone the move to the new White Hart Lane until next season? Arsenal and West Ham struggled with their moves.


Hahaha who are Arsenal?

Even after we conceded, I weren’t worried, the way Liverpool have been playing is unheard of, this is arguably the strongest Liverpool side in history.

Dare I dream



Arsenal’s defense is so fucking bad. Team is so fucked if they can’t bring anyone in during the winter transfer window.


Yo damn, Pulisic to Chelsea. Huge move for him, and probably a good call for Chelsea. Guessing they need more depth at right wing. And to be honest, probably need to inject more youth. I guess the only concern is that Chelsea have issues with developing young players. But maybe that’s changing under Sarri.


It’s a good signing for sure, I guess being American raised the price a lot. His stats arent doing too great at the minute and he was being overlooked at Dortmund by Sancho but I dont doubt he can become a great player.

Side note: That Shelvey tackle on Pogba. It’s been a long time coming.

Big match tonight as well. Good article here by Cara


Alright some quick thoughts about the game:

  1. Klopp, my guy, I know you love this weird ass workman midfield but it no good. It no good anymore. It bad, in fact. It real bad. Please. Stop. Fabinho came on and bossed it, he should be starting with Gini every game.

  2. City got lucky that we had to play our 4th choice center back. I guess it’s OK to have Lovren as a 4th choice center back, it’s just a shame that the injuries to Matip and Gomes came in for this game. Just wow. Lovren is such a bad football player. It is just incredible. I would rather have Martin “I’m gonna give away a pen because all I do is tug at shirts in the box” Skrtel come out of retirement than have this clown wander about on the pitch. I actually think he thinks he’s better than Van Dijk.

  3. There is no one better than Van Dijk.

  4. Why was Gini wasted on the left wing (what?) for 30 minutes, not doing anything in the second half, since, you know, he’s a midfielder? Why was Shaqiri brought on so late, and why was he wasted on the right wing, when we needed him to link up with Salah and drive at their INCREDIBLY BAD defence, at the defenders who LOST IT IMMEDIATELY as soon as we applied a bit of pressure over a few minutes?

  5. Still first lol


Yoo ulllllllll, Manchester City doing the lords work and protecting Arsenal’s Untouchables.

But honestly, I really thought Liverpool would do it. City played a kinda wonky back line. Figured Kompany would be a bit too slow, and Laporte playing at left back.

Also goal detection is wild. That looked hella in for Liverpool.


Yea I really thought City were there for the taking, if we could have wrestled control of the midfield for more than like 15 minutes in the second half (i.e. played the 4-2-3-1 with proper players in their proper places), there was potential there for us to run away with it. Instead the front three were starved of service and the city defence was rarely high enough for them to run in behind.

I guess Klopp thought that midfield “worked” against Napoli at home… But then it didn’t every single time it played away so I don’t know. It seems like such an easy decision to just play Fabinho right away, he deserved it on form and on quality, Klopp is so stubborn haha. We still have Keita waiting in the wings, would have made more sense for him to come on than for Sturridge honestly.

And yea, it was like less than 2 centimeters! Unlucky for us!




Agree with @Seva. That midfield makes no sense, playing Milner straight from his injury whilst Fab has been having unreal games is mind boggling to me.

Klopp making late subs once again didn’t help the situation either.

Anybody but Lovren, literally anybody. I’d rather see a youth player in that position or Milner for Christ sake.

However if at the start of December we were told “You’ll beat City and be 4 points clear” we would have been ecstatic, so being beat by City and still being 4 points clear is fine by me.