Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (We're doing EPL Fantasy! Post #464 for Info)


Another gooner here (Arsenal fan). I got into it from dating an English guy in college and reading the book Fever Pitch.

I told my story on back when Soccernet was a thing and they didn’t put soccer/football in the SportsCenter highlights because Americans “wouldn’t get it”.

I also started a football blog where I met loads of awesome writers who have gone on to do incredible stuff (Brian Phillips of Grantland then MTV, James Tyler at ESPN, Grant Wahl) and got a job at CNN International working on “World Sport”, an international sports show with a heavy focus on football.

I’ve worked through a bunch of World Cups, Euros, Champions League finals, FA Cups and Olympics and now that I’m a games writer - I don’t miss my old beat too much. I like being able to watch my footie as a regular fan in a bar or in a stadium seat now.


Doesn’t make for a very good statue, but he’s alright.


Well late welcome to Columbus! I hope you’re enjoying it here.

My girlfriend was a big Kei fan also and was sad to see him go, but at least Ola has performed well since.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed this season goes well!


Yeah, I don’t necessarily think Can is our future true DM, but who knows what Klopp will want going forward. He’s really impressed me over the latter half of this season, and with so many potential games next season, I’m hoping he gets plenty of playing time and continues to grow.

Do you have any preferences for possible signings over the summer? I would looooooooove to see us grab Keita and Forsberg from Leipzig, but who knows if they’re even available.


I feel similarly. I think he’d be better as one of the two midfielders in front of the DM given what we want in a specific match (he brings a physicality vs. Gino who’s the king of ball retention and doing the smart little things). I think Can needs to iron out his positional / tactical discipline issues, but damn if he’s not a big game player I don’t know who is.

As for signings this summer I try and not get too caught up in it because of the nature of the silly season rumor mill. I want a DM, a CB to pair with Matip (should be Sakho but that ship has sailed), I want fullback cover / a young star in waiting for Milner (who I rate pretty highly at LB) and Clyne (who absolutely burnt out this season), and some speed on the wings so that we’re not SO desperately reliant on Mane and Coutinho.

I generally do deep dives once the rumors begin to feel a bit more real. From what I’ve heard from friends – I would be happy with either or both of those dudes.


Oh yeah, I’m with you as far as trying to keep out of transfer wish lists, but rumors about our budget this time around has pulled me back in for whatever reason. As long as we have depth going into 17-18, I’m more than happy. I was just thinking the other day about how nice it is to trust our staff on the transfer market. It feels like a luxury we haven’t had in a while.


Definitely. I’ve heard a variety of things on our transfer budget but it sounds like outgoing xfers are going to be the majority of the budget (75-100mm). Relatedly, Sakho’s injury might materially affect that. Which is a bummer. That dude just can’t catch a break.


Been a Wolves fan for as long as I can remember. It’s painful but I wouldn’t change it for anything


Orlando City fan here. I’ve been bouncing back and forth on watching the EPL or not. I’d like to but I watch F1 and they often times have scheduling conflict, plus I don’t wan to add another thing to my schedule that requires me to get up early on Sundays.


Y’all it feels good to see a good Arsenal win. :joy:

P.S. I just saw this Donnarumma video. Holy shit, this kid is good.


He’s about to have the longest highlight reel if he can make saves like this for the next 20 years. Amazing talent…


I’m just getting into soccer, mainly because my home town just got a team, Atlanta United, but I also support Chicago Fire if they’re playing literally any team besides Atlanta. Who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love and start to seriously watch Futbol.


I am from the Kansas City area, so I fell very hard for the former Wizards/current SKC boys in around 2007 or so. I’m also a follower of FC Kansas City of NWSL, though both stadiums are about 45+ minute drives from me, and both of them signed new TV deals that made their games unfortunately difficult for me to watch, so I’m somewhat stuck. I still follow along through Twitter when I can, but it’s not as easy as it used to be, which is unfortunate because I love the soccer experience in-person, particularly at both of the soccer stadiums in the KC area. I’m hoping to get out to both parks more regularly over the course of this summer, because they’ve both started out fairly well, and should hopefully hold that success up (as long as the Blues don’t lose another forward to injury)


another liverpool fan here…since basically Istanbul, I guess?

Internationally I support Germany and Canada. Can’t complain about Germany, they’re the ultimate tournament team and it was nice to see them win after getting pretty close in each cup since the first I watched in 2006. Unfortunately Canada are miserably bad and I can’t see them making it to a World Cup any time soon even with an expanded number of teams.

The Canadian women’s team is not half bad. They’ll need to come up with something once Christine Sinclair decides to hang up the cleats though, but there’s lot of promising youth in the system.


Napoli plz.


@aggrocrag Puts into perspective the English “just punt it up the field” mantra


This is an accurate depiction of my strategy in FIFA, constantly tapping the X button until some space potentially breaks out


Any futbol Argentina fans? Racing usually sucks but at least they aren’t River or Boca. Also DC United is cool too imo.


I don’t keep up, but that does remind me that Vice has a documentary on the Boca/River Plate rivalry. I’ve been meaning to catch it, but keep forgetting about it.


Having lived in Buenos Aires for three years I will tell you that rivalry is no joke. Do not fuck with the average Argentine about their futbol or their steak. Saw Argentina lose to Ecuador once and the disappointment from the fans was something else. The small 100 something Ecuadorian fans isolated from everyone else being happy their little country won made me feel real good though (partially because I lived there too).