Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (We're doing EPL Fantasy! Post #464 for Info)


I’m the Glaswegian version of an atheist; I watch football but don’t care for any team. I lived in Australia for a while and was deprived football for a long time. Nowadays I just watch whatever is on TV (don’t have Sky or BT Sport).

I am the filthiest of casuals.


Blah, looking at the weekend fixture list for the EPL. Maaan I hate seeing games scheduled for weekdays. :rage:


Thanks for pointing that out, I only had 10 minutes to check my Fantasy Football team. Double fixture week for some teams.


The Okazaki goal from this morning, woof


What a hit!

Also, nothing in sports makes me happier than the Sturridge dance


I used to try and watch Spurs games whenever I could before I gradually stopped following them around 5 years ago. I’m kinda super cynical about investing time, money and emotion into huge football clubs nowadays, but God, watching that closing ceremony at WHL is kinda tugging at something in me.

Just remembering the delight at watching Berbatov and Keane after years of shit football is making me smile. Never would have believed you back then if you’d told me that Spurs would beat Man Utd 2-1 at their final WHL game to seal 2nd place.


What a glorious turn of fortune for Swansea. The Swans live to fight another year in the Premiere League.


Yeeeah, shout outs to the teams that survived. Pour one out for the teams that didn’t make it.


I’ve got no investment in any of the relegated teams but I’m bummed that Marco Silva never kept Hull up, mainly to stick in in Paul Merson’s eye for his comments earlier on in the season.


I’m mostly just glad Newcastle clawed their way back up. I give Rafa Benitez a lot of credit for sticking with that team in the Championship and helping them promote back up rather than running off somewhere else once they got relegated. Rafa seems like a pretty okay dude.


The problem for me is that how much I like and respect Rafa and Newcastle fans is the inverse of how I feel about Mike Ashley. So, while I’m super happy for Rafa and fans, who are legitimately some of the best, most loyal in the world, seeing Ashley get rewarded for being such a terrible owner still irks me.


Awesome, we’re MLS pals! I’m in Nashville, so I was pumped to have an MLS team remotely close to me. I doubt I’ll get to go see a game this season (especially with how well they’re selling out), but I’m hoping to go see a couple next season. How are you liking your start to soccer fandom?


Yeah, I’m especially excited to see how he does with a newly promoted team (albeit one that isn’t too far removed from Premier League quality).


I watched this video today, what a melancholy and fascinating story


Bluuhhh, I love Arsenal’s recent performances. It’s just a bummer that it’s really really likely that they aren’t going to be playing in the UCL. I mean, I really doubt Liverpool are going to lose to Middlesbrough.

Also, that video @JoeBush posted is really sad. I dunno if I could handle any of my favorite teams falling apart like that.


I think the glass-half-full approach to Arsenal missing UCL is that it could function as the wake up call the club needs, much like how some premier league strugglers actually need to be relegated to be forced into getting their house in order.

Arsenal were miles ahead of the rest of the PL, and a lot of Europe, when it came to how the club was run, scouting, training, scouting, all sorts of off-field and back-room concerns, that boosted on-field performance. Now everyone’s caught up/surpassed the club in many or all these things, and Arsenal’s stagnating. Which, having started watching PL in the early 2000s, is really, really weird/sad.


I dropped off the face of the earth there for a bit…I’m super excited to see Newcastle heading back up where they belong as a long term fan.

At the same time, I’m with @WTHall as well…Mike Ashley really sort of taints everything good about NUFC. At least the kits look good next year, and won’t have Wonga on them.

Speaking of kits…I picked up a vintage one for the Sounders/Timbers game the weekend after next.

Hopefully I won’t blind myself in the process. :wink:


I’ve been a terrible fan so far. I just check their record after a game. I’m going to see them in July, so maybe that’ll kick start my fandom into high gear.


I’m seeing positives in a really strong finish. I think I’ll actually be happy if Arsenal finish out the league with a win streak. I’ll make me feel much better going into the FA Cup final.

I’m still pessimistic about the backroom issues getting fixed. I guess I don’t fully understand it. Reading Invincible by Amy Lawrence, it just seemed like back then, he could just say, I want so-and-so, and David Dein goes and gets that player. I dunno what’s stopping that from happening again?


From what I’ve read and seen, I think that process (Arsene telling Dein what he wants and Dein getting it) is still in place, I think unfortunately that Arsene isn’t the scout he used to be, or that what he’s IDing in players isn’t the winning formula it used to be.

Financing the Emirates certainly meant less money for players for a few years, but that period is over now, and as far as I can tell the resources are there for Wenger, but they’re being misused, or not used, by Wenger.