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I definitely think Wenger doesn’t quite have his finger on the pulse of the game the way he maybe did in the past…he hasn’t managed to adapt.


^^ exactly, @AstroTira


There was a Sounders fan at the last Sporting game wearing a jersey from circa 2011 or so, with the green and the silver trimming all over the back. I always thought those ones looked cool, if not very endemic of the style of that era


Despite Everton trying their best, we got through (almost) to CL, finally! And this time we won’t be a disgrace and put out a second string against Real at the Bernabeu heh


That Can goal won goal of the season from MOTD too apparently:

(for anyone that missed it, there’s video if you click through on the tweet)



Man, I fell asleep during the Arsenal vs. Everton half time. I dreamt that Liverpool were losing to Middlesbrough. So when I woke up, for a good couple minutes I thought Arsenal had taken the 4th spot.

Bummed Kosc got sent off and now out for the FA Cup final.


I know the one you’re walking about…so glad we’ve moved past that hyper-busy period.

Less than a week until the Sounders/Timbers game…so excited!

Glad the Sounders got the win this weekend, I feel like we all needed a pick me up after the last few performances. It makes heading into the rivalry a little easier.


This will be the first Timbers/Sounders home game I’ve missed in … five? … years and it’s killllliiiiiiing meeeeee.

The other thing killing me is their whole season which, frankly, feels much too similar to last season and makes me wonder if the common denominator in their struggles isn’t Clint Dempsey (who is still one of my favorite players btw).


Yeah, I like Dempsey too but they feel entirely too reliant on him having stand out days when he’s out there…which not every day is going to be by this point.


With all the major leagues in Europe winding down. Folks interested in the possible influx of designated players in the MLS?


Meeeehhhhhhhh, no. I’m way more interested in young academy kids getting promoted (a la NYRB) than I am seeing DP brought over. ATL’s DP strategy is way more interesting than most, so that’s different, but I 'm just not interested in older Euro players coming over.

old man rant over.


I want to see more Almiron, Lodeiro’s, Giovinco’s. Which is to say, the most exciting prospect is the one I haven’t heard of yet.


I agree. I’d prefer academy players. Or even just younger foreign players like Dos Santos or Giovinco

But at the same time, I’m kind of a sucker for famous players. Had Ibra not been hurt, I’d probably be rushing out to buy a Galaxy shirt with is name on it.


Giovinco was in a completely different class than Almiron or Lodeiro before joining. Gio was pretty well established in ITA, but Almiron and Lodeiro are exactly the kinds of players MLS needs, also the hardest to find though…


Oh sure, MLS would LOVE to get Ibra, and he’d be fun for awhile. I’d die a little inside though. Can only imagine the mockery he’d make of the league on and off the field. MLS is not ready for him.


Right - mostly I mean “players who have played for their national team and are well-known in their home and club countries but who don’t have global household-name recognition.”

Obafemi Martins is another player in that class that comes to mind.

God I would love him back in MLS, he was so amazing to watch.


Yeah, that’s the sweet spot for sure.

I’d probably qualify it a bit more by saying it’s gotta be for a nat’l team outside the top 10 in the world, otherwise the price will be way too high for MLS to land one of those stars, but Almiron, from Paraguay, is probably the perfect kind of buy I’m talking about.


Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh, Arsenal win the FA Cup.


woah! didn’t see that coming.