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D.C. United fan here, our team appears to be having a garbage year. Luciano Acosta seems to be the only player who knows what to do with the ball when it isn’t in the defending third of the field, and when he’s out we just don’t score at all. The team has scored 1 goal in their last 4 games (a 1-0 win off a PK!) and has gone scoreless in 7 of their 12 games so far this season. Bill Hamid is amazing when he isn’t getting injured and sabotaging his chances to go play in Europe or the USMNT. Our ownership is largely absentee and will probably bolt after the team moves into their new stadium in the second half of 2018.

Other than that, things are looking good.


I’m excited for you guys to get into your new stadium, even though I’ve always wanted to visit RFK for a DCU game, it’s a historic stadium even if it’s old now. Unfortunately, my team has already played their final game there back during the spring, though.


Woof, that Bill Hamid howler tonight tonight though. Not great. What do you think of Harkes? A future in the MLS?


My hometown team Zenit St Petersburg just announced Mancini as the new manager. That’s so weird.


So far I think Harkes has shown good stuff for his rookie year, he’s been getting the small stuff down with accurate passing and clearances, maybe could form a good combo with Chris Durkin in the midfield in a year or two as the vets drop off.

Also, if this is going to be an echo of the record-breakingly abysmal 2013 season, I hope DCU can at least put effort into winning the US Open Cup again.


On a more general note, tiki taka ruined everything. there I said it.


Sorry but nope, at the very very least it spurred the next awesome evolution of the game.


As a Timbers fan I’d love if the FO and team ever cared about the Cup.


that being a consolidation of methods of 'how do we counter this boring mess with an even more boring mess’
yeah i’m still salty ;_;


Woof. So what philosophy is “good?”


punting the ball downfield as hard as you can and hoping one of your teammates is at the other end?


I agree in the sense that a lot of teams saw what Barcelona and Spain were doing and thought “wowee that’s what we should do, look at me I’m tiki-taka!” and didn’t really benefit from playing that way in results or style. It comes back to the “possession is great but it doesn’t win games” line and also lead to this pernicious attitude that the team with the most possession deserves to win.


This I agree with.

The key is that TIki-Taka wasn’t just possession, it was about meticulously getting players into the best position to support each other and over-load defenders, and then to defend compactly when you lose it.


I don’t mean to say it’s bad really (because it objectively is not), nor makes for awful viewing. I just kinda miss ye olden days of sitting there and being like 'just what the hell are they trying to pull here’
Chaos, in a sense. I’m getting old.


Haha ok, that I can totally respect.


UCL finals preferences/predictions?

I’m hoping for a Juve win, and gonna go bold with 3-0, the defense is too good, and Buffon must have fate on his side.


I think Juve is taking this one. This team on paper is just crazy.I’m so excited to see what Dybala can do. I’ve only seen highlights.


I always begrudgingly applaud Juve when they do something impressive. Because i’m an Inter Milan girl.


He’s soooooooooooo fun


Man, someone send an email to UEFA and let them know that they don’t need a pregame show to hype a crowd for the Champions League final.