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Yoooooooooooo, Mandzukic. What a goal.


Followed by Ronaldo biffing a few minutes later? Yes.


Well fuck.

I super hate Real Madrid. Super duper hate them.


Sergio Ramos going down with a slight push. Ridiculous.


Hating Real has been the climate I have grown up in since my teens in the 00’s


I’m a recent RM hate junkie but Ooooooo wowweee it’s a good high.


You continue to be my idiot soulmate on this forum Gary, but yes. hating RM has been fashionable for decades where I am from which includes many second generation Portuguese and Spanish. Easy to get swept up with.


I’m a good idiot.

For real though it started in 2014 after the World Cup draw and we learned the US would play Portugal. I had a dream that Cristiano, that beautiful unicorn, crept into my room, spoke sweet nothings in my ear, and then smothered me with my own goddamn pillow.

So like, holy shit, I just realized he’s literally a dream killer.


I have a personal history with C. Ronaldo. It was the European Cup, i forget which year. All the machos in the bar I was in were hating on him for crying meanwhile I was crying myself.
So to me, mister Ronaldo (not to be confused with the far superiour other Ronaldo from brazil), will always be special


Fat Ronaldo is my soccer hero. I remember watching him in the 94 World Cup and just waiting for him to get on the ball and do something special. He’s basically the reason I fell in love with the sport.


Feeling bad about Cheick Tioté passing away. I remember this goal pretty well.


Me RE: LFC right now


Amazing goal. Score something like that and you’ll be a legend to the fans forever. A sad passing indeed.


jfc just saw the news. uuugh.


our first-choice striker finally got surgery on his left knee to repair a torn meniscus and DCU still has no one who can find the back of the net (outside of a PK) in six games, so that’s wonderful


Watched highlights of the France vs Sweden game… that Giroud goal… that Toivonen goal. /does the chef kissing motion.


Typical Scotland: come back from a goal down to have the game won, then throw it away in the 93rd minute. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is the most Scottish thing ever.


That goal was ridiculous. His form for France has been incredible.

Real rap, I thought I’d be bored without the EPL. But these World Cup qualifiers have been pretty great. USA vs. Mexico was pretty exciting. I’m glad Arena has been able to come in and stabilize the team. Also, Bradley’s goal:


Dang, Everton already signed Pickford and Klaassen. It’s like they’re playing FM2017. I’m pretty jealous.


Old news by a few days, but Puel was sacked. While I can sympathize with being disappointed with a lack of scoring (and apparently he had lost the players), but 8th in the table is not bad for Southampton. I mean do they sack the next guy if he doesn’t manage 7th or better?