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It just seems like there’s such a gap between teams like Everton and Southampton and the top six teams. It’s like, they’re not in any danger of being relegated but they’re not certain for European competition. I just wonder how far a manager can take teams like that.


Or even if, say, Everton cracked the top four. Like - then what? Are they going to even get out of CL group? Yeah they’ll get some extra scratch just from getting there but is it going to lead to any significant change to where consistent top-four can be an expectation?


I think right now, they’re doing a really good job slowing re-enforcing with young talent. Five of Everton’s players represented England in the U-20 World Cup this year. They’re also going to have a new stadium built. So they’re already building a solid platform for the future.

If they continue to improve in table standings, collect prize and TV money, make good signings. I see no reason why they can’t break into the top 4, and also make a decent run in the UCL.


What are people’s takeaways from the transfer season so far?


lol betide anyone who truly believed that Ronaldo was ever going to a different club, basically

also i will so laugh my ass off if chelsea don’t end up with Lukaku and have to scramble to replace Costa.

you know i don’t really follow any european leagues closely but i enjoy silly season quite a lot.


Lukaku went to United


I don’t think it’s official yet? At least neither club has released anything to confirm a transfer or not.


Oh you’re right. Looks like it might happen soon as Lukaku is in LA and Man U will be in LA next week.


It’s been pretty interesting. Thought Chelsea would be going harder in the market. Pretty happy with Arsenal so far, I keep hoping they’ll go in for Mahrez. If that happens, hopefully Wenger will then let Ox try playing central midfield. I’m really surprised with how hard Everton are going in this Summer.

@Gary_of_Nivea, I think there are Lukaku to Manchester United rumors floating around.


Still bummed about Van Dijk falling through. Salah is a good get. Hopefully Naby Keita can happen.


They’re def gonna nab Naby. On the liverpool forum I’m on I joked that right now, in terms of stages of grief, RB Leipzig’s owner is in denial and is gonna move from there to bargaining and then acceptance in a matter of weeks. It’s not in RB Leipzig’s interest to block this move because it’ll make it harder for them to lure other young prospects to come play for them. They, like Southampton, are–I don’t want to say feeder club cuz that has derogatory intonations but–getting 10 young prospects so one of them hits as a 60M transfer is their business model. And blocking these moves ultimately messes with their business model in a way that’s not sustainable for them.

A lot of Liverpool ppl I know are convinced VVD is still happening too. I personally would prefer they get two 30M defenders (some comp for Milner and a CB) instead of one potentially injury prone 60M CB.


why not VVD plus a 30M comp for Milner though. Remember Klopp had negative net spend before this transfer window.


He did, but I think that was required so they weren’t hit punitively for FFP (which is a 3 year rolling average). Like, even with that negative net spend we just avoided being penalized.


aah wasn’t aware of that.


Again, I’m not sure on that. Has to do with the short term hit they took for the stadium expansion I think, as well as the year before last. The person who I read that from is an accountant and I did my best to parse it, and the general feeling I got was that it was very deliberate to set us up for the next few windows. The fact that Klopp did as well as he did with the negative net spend? Whoo. I’m glad we got that man.


Seeing as Rom is 100% going to be sold at this point, if Everton could actually pull off a deal for Giroud (and please oh god not sign Rooney on that 250k/week contract) that would be an A+ transfer window. I’m in love with Sandro, the striker we picked up just for 5m, and otherwise we’ve strengthened GK and CB, brought in some good young talent, it’s really great. But signing Rooney would take it from an A+ to a C or so.


Also, if Liverpool do get Keita, I might bet on them for title contenders, especially if they do get a good CB.


wage aside, what do they even hope to get out of Rooney? Doesn’t Everton have younger, quicker guys in his position that could use the playing time to develop?


Yep! We have one of the best youth sides in the country. I hate this transfer for every reason.

The idea this is the return of the hometown hero ended as soon as we learned he wasn’t going to come unless he could keep his absurd salary.


Any j-league fans?? Just got tickets to go see (my adopted home town heroes-in-pink) Cerezo Osaka fight to get back to the top spot agaisnt 3rd place Kashiwa Reysol tomorrow. Super stoked!!