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Yea exactly, so much of our play works because of Firmino’s smart work rate, both defensively and in attack, so I was wondering whether Salah could replicate that.

Not a knock against Lallana but I doubt he can step into that role effectively. Klopp improved him but not to that level. Without Firmino we have to change strategy IMO, which also could be good since we need to be find new ways of breaking down these 10 man walls we see often.


Still reeling from the game on Sunday. That must have been fun for a neutral but I swear Liverpool shortened my lifespan already. (We need VAR)


Awww yeeeeah, Arsenal looked so good this weekend. Wish they kept the clean sheet. But pretty pleased with the way Mkhitaryan played. It looks like he plays out of position, but he’s probably pretty happy with the freedom to roam into the center.


Was a big fan of Mkhitaryan in my Shakhtar FM save from years ago and he was the last player to win me a decent bit of cash on a FGS bet. Glad he’s settling in at Arsenal. I love watching him play as well.


Me after Arsenal losing.


Huge Real Salt Lake fan. I got turned on to the sport when a buddy of mine took me to see RSL play the Galaxy in 2011 and RSL just decimated them. Been a huge fan ever since. I moved to Seattle a couple years back, so I follow the Sounders as well now and catch a Reign game every now and again too.

I watch a lot of EPL games but haven’t really settled on a team yet. I like being able to just turn on any game and enjoy the level of play without having to worry to much about which team I’m cheering for.


Liverpool FC fan. The first Championship League final I ever saw was when they won in Istanbul in 2005.

My first World Cup was 2006. What a tournament for Italy.

I really appreciate the Spanish teams.