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I absolutely love the way Liverpool plays in recent years and the addition of Klopp has only accelerated their attacking focus. This season has made me so anxious but excited and Can’s goal last night might be the pinnacle of these feelings. I love how youthful the club is, having all those teenagers on the bench, it makes me feel hopeful for the future. Coutinho’s goal last week was amazing as well although the L may of dampened everyone’s appreciation.

I also really identify with the whole “good against good teams bad against bad teams” thing. I always find myself in the same situations when it comes to competitive anything.

I also support Dundee FC and Feyenoord as I have friends from Scotland and the NL.

And for the MLS I’m partial to Chicago Fire but I think I’ll support NCFC if they ever make it to the league.


It’s just terrible, they’re cutting to commercial breaks that don’t exist, the app itself is flaky, and this weekend they started with two streams showing the same game…by the time they fixed it the games were backwards from how they were labelled.

Just give me back my YouTube streams…they were so much easier.


I am a QPR fan, 3rd generation, used to be a season ticket holder. However it’s become too expensive for me, £40 ticket, best part of the same amount again to get to the ground, then food/drink/whatnot. Used to dream about taking my children along to all the games, and still will take my son one day but it will just be to the odd game. Shame really but for an 8th of the price I can take him along to watch ice hockey in Guildford. And they might actually win a game.

I still enjoy watching random games on TV when I get the time, I just don’t love the game anywhere near as much as when I was in my teens and twenties.


Columbus Crew, US men’s and women’s national team, and Arsenal fan. Love to see other people here who love soccer/football.


Yeah Liverpool under Klopp seems like a promising thing, he is a manager that understands the merging of football and the locality as well and how important it is for the fans. Liverpool is a project for Klopp, I dont think we could have expected a title the last 2 years but give it time with the youth and allow klopp to spend money where he wants then I think we have got the best chance to win big for as long as I remember.

Yeah the bad against bad teams is why I am bricking it for the next 3 matches


Yea it really takes its tool on you, these last couple years have not been great for the nerves. @Req @joaquin For once though we are in a position where we actually have everything in our hands in the run-in, not having to depend on other teams doing X and Y to get into the CL or EL. Happy days!


@Req @joaquin We’ve got a good few supporters here, look forward to speaking to you guys in these last few matches


I have been a Dortmund fan for a while now after growing up watching pretty much only the German national side. Also support Liverpool on the English side of things. Love my dad Klopp.


I’m a Liverpool fan, first and foremost, but I’ve also been supporting Atlanta United since their introduction this season (due to my residence in the Southeast) and Southend United (due to a long history of playing as them in FIFA with a friend).


I’ve actually been thinking about this for a bit. Cause for American Football, Basketball, and Hockey. I just support one team. I guess I’m first an Arsenal fan. But having a second club like the Galaxy is important for me, cause I’m not sure I’ll ever make it to an Arsenal game in person. So I do like having a local-ish(It’s about a 2-3 hour drive to StubHub Center) club I can also follow.


Ahh fair enough, that makes sense. So with a second team its mostly you can see football played in the local area?


Yeah through the Galaxy, I’ve been able to see what a local derby is like, back when Chivas USA were still a club. I’m curious to see how well LAFC is received.


Is LAFC going to be the new derby or?



I’m an Arsenal fan through and through (COYG), so life is nothing but eternal pain and suffering for me this year. The NLD was a train wreck and there is no hope or happiness in the world.

That aside, I’ve had a lot of fun watching Liverpool this year. I just love the way Klopp runs that team and they’re kind of bombastic and fun to watch as they find their footing up at the top part of the table.

When it comes to MLS, I’m a Columbus Crew fan who has transplanted to Seattle so I’m slowly getting press ganged by coworkers into becoming a Sounders fan too.


LOL, I think I know what you’re talkin about. I visited Seattle once, told folks I was from California. And folks were still surprised when I told them I was a Galaxy fan. Sounders fans are so good, I have a lot of respect for them.

@Dyfrig, I think the MLS will be eager to market it as that. I think if LAFC hit the ground running, kinda like how Atlanta are doing now, there could be some real heat for the LA derby.


As a recent transplant myself, come to the Sounders side, it’s so much fun.

Also come out to a Reign game…super cheap, tons of fun, and one of the best views you can have for a soccer match.


Huge Liverpool fan here as well. Fan of Dortmund as well because they were my FIFA team for all the Klopp years (now its LFC). Agree with what people said that I have to remind myself not to get impatient because so much of our team is <25. Gotta get someone to replace Sakho and push Lovren to third choice, though. And a winger. And depth. Lol.

Do y’all think Emre is the #6 of the future? I know he’s got the contract hanging in the air and the rumors are that the impasse is because he wants assurances of his role going forward (not $$). A lot of liverpool friends I know think we need a true shield-the-back-four DM, and I’m not convinced Can is that.


Don’t really watch but I keep up with the Spurs and Houston Dynamo. I also live close to a USL team, RGV FC, and want to check out a match one day.


I think he’s got a lot of growing to do but he can eventually be whatever the manager wants for the midfield. Can leaving is the last thing I want to see. I can imagine Juve or Bayern racing for him especially after last night. All the world class clubs would much rather pick up the allstar youngens from liverpool just because its worked out so well for Barca.


Who have we lost to Barca aside from Suarez? Who was always headed there and I don’t think was a youn-- Oh, Masch. NM. Is there another I’m forgetting?