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I think just about Suarez but also Xabi to an extent. His time at he club was before I started paying attention but the feeling I get from a lot of liverpool fans is that he could of stayed in a very not so different universe. Probably just wishful thinking.


Woooo I didn’t think I’d find another Crew fan!

Bummer game this weekend, but I’m (mostly) positive on the season so far.


Xabi was a god, one of my favorite players of all time. If the team had money they could’ve kept him, but they were in such bad debt. So underrated when he was at LFC then people realized “ah yes this guy is one of the three best passers in europe.”


I moved from Seattle to Columbus last year and miss Seattle so much! That picture is like a kick in the gut.

My last trip to the Seattle Center the Reign were out practicing and Megan Rapinoe waved at me when I waved at the team and I died a little.


Go Crew! And yeah last weekend was a bummer but we’ve had a decent start. I’m hoping we’ll do better against Revs this weekend. Couldn’t stand losing to Kei after the emotional trauma of these last 2 games.


I believe the legands charity game a month ago got a lot of people wishing for better outcomes to keep all that talent all these years later


So last year I moved from Seattle to Columbus.

I was bummed, because I love the Sounders and wasn’t so hot on the Crew. “Well, that’s OK,” I thought when I confirmed I’d be moving, “Kei Kamara is one of my favorite players in MLS, it’ll be cool to watch him play.”

The next day, he was traded.

“Well, that’s alright, Higuain is really fun to watch, I’ll get to see him play.”

Couple weeks later: injured.

Fortunately this year Pipa is back and the team is pretty fun to watch when they don’t completely shit the bed.


Spurs fan here too :slight_smile: it’s been nice this past two years. Started supporting around 2008 via some college friends who inherited them from family.

Lately, I’ve been frustrated by the fans of other teams belittling our recent achievements (or thereof) with ‘nobody will remember this team’… but I’m happy to say, I’ll remember this team. I feel spoiled each weekend.


Regarding the Walker and Toby situations, this just came up in my feed…

I’m not interested in rumor mongering, but Cartilage Free tends to be pretty good on reporting and not making something out of nothing.


I became a Leicester fan in a totally bandwagon way. A friend of mine knew I wanted to try to get into soccer and suggested that I watch the NBC Sports documentary about their Premier League Championship run last season, to get me emotionally invested. It worked and I bought a Leicester shirt and started watching all their games. They punished me for it and I gave up halfway through the season. I’ve seen bits and pieces of games, but being at the end of my final semester, I don’t have a ton of time to watch.

I was also excited to follow a semi-local, non-Chicago team when Minnesota United joined Major League Soccer this year. They’ve punished me for it too and it’s impossible for me to find a way to watch MNUFC in northern Wisconsin. Hopefully their TV deals will expand or more streaming sites will cover their games and I’ll be able to watch soon. Otherwise, I have family in Atlanta, I may switch to ATLU.


I’ve been a Timbers fan since moving to PDX for school a few years back. Before that, I’m a fan of the old Carolina Railhawks (now the infinitely more boring Carolina FC), my used-to-be local team before I moved, and Olympique Marseille, the team that first turned me on to following professional soccer when I spent a summer in the city years ago.

More than anything, I’m interested in the ways soccer overlaps with society, culture, politics, and especially, with identity. Along those lines, over the years I’ve become more interested in lower-league soccer, and increasingly disillusioned with UCL, top Euro leagues, MLS, etc.


FC Bayern München fan here. I was born in the Munich area so when I got into watching soccer around 2004 they were a natural pick for team to support. It’s been interesting to watch the team grow into one of the absolute juggernauts of the game, though that’s not to say they were ever a small team. These days I’m more of a fan of the game than a fan of one particular team so I don’t ever get to upset or stressed during games anymore (That Champions League tie between Bayern and Real Madrid was something though, eh?). I could pretty much name a favourite team in all the big European leagues and some of the smaller ones so l watch soccer from all over the place if I get the chance though only the Bundesliga regularly. I’m kind of surprised to see so many MLS fans in here. I’ll occasionally watch the three Canadian teams’ matches but don’t necessarily support one over the others.

Internationally I support Germany and Canada. Can’t complain about Germany, they’re the ultimate tournament team and it was nice to see them win after getting pretty close in each cup since the first I watched in 2006. Unfortunately Canada are miserably bad and I can’t see them making it to a World Cup any time soon even with an expanded number of teams.


Xabi has continued to be an amazing player in his last few years at Bayern. The man is just incredible at what he does but he’s retiring at the end of the season which I think is the right choice. He’s just lost a step in the last few games I feel.


So uh

I guess that there Cristiano Ronaldo is pretty good, huh


I played all throughout my childhood, but never successfully started watching it until after the last Men’s World Cup. waited for most of the following Premiere League season before settling on Swansea. They had a string of matches that ended in exciting ways and I liked how the club had steadily been growing in size and success through smart business decisions. I"m not optimistic that they’ll make it out of relegation, but I’ve made my peace with it. I also watch the Champion’s League, some Europa, and the occasional Bundesliga match.


I was wondering what soccer podcasts folks listen to, or what sites people visit to keep up? For podcasts, I mainly listen to: Men in Blazers, The Guardian - Football Weekly, and Arseblog. And sites, I’ll check out the Guardian, and Soccernet.


Alright another Dortmund fan. I’m relatively new to them in the grand scheme of things started following them 4 or 5 years ago mostly because they were fun to play in football manager.


I would highly recommend Football Fives, Dummy Podcast (by Howler), and Set Piece Menu — they’re all less about weekend results and more about story telling and bigger questions around soccer.

If you like the stats side of soccer, Statsbomb podcast and Double Pivot are both great.


Sweet, I’m gunna add these. I just remembered another one I like. It’s kinda both magazine and podcast. The Blizzard is really good. I recommend the back issues, since the articles still hold up. The podcast is basically audio book versions of certain articles. One of my favorites is an article about St. Pauli.

P.S. Book recommendations are good too.


Love the Blizzard, long time subscriber. I would kill to go to one of the live shows. And if you like that Football Fives, Dummy, and Set Piece Menu could be right up your alley.

Pep Confidential —biography
Inverting the Pyramid — tactics/history
Fear and Loathing in World Football — social/history
Soccer Against the Enemy — social/history
Falling for Football — story telling
Soccernomics — stats
The Ball is Round — the book on soccer history