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I could maybe understand the rationale behind starting that lineup, but when you go into the halftime break one down, why not bring on fabinho & shaqiri to start the second half?

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I suppose he thought he needed to control the midfield, but we barely got a sniff with wasting Gini on the wing.


Klopp only makes a change at half time if it’s REALLY bad and we are being overrun. This season he has been much better with this but he usually takes forever to make a change, and then often that change is a weird one.

The midfield did not do its job but we were only 1-0 down so I guess he thought we could improve. Which we did, but only after Fabinho came on lol.

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Huh. Word is Clyne is going out on loan because that Ajax youngster we got whose name I could not spell for the life of me is considered sufficient cover (along with Milner, Gomez when he comes back, & Fabinho if needed tho it would probably be a waste of his talent).


Fab played RB for a while when he won the league in 16/17 with Monaco, he’s got fullback chops


Yeah not doubting he can do the job, just reckon we need him more in midfield.


Oh big time, he should have started last night, he’s been phenomenal the last few games


Hmm I actually like Clyne defensively quite a bit, that would be a shame, but if he wants minutes I guess we can’t stop him.

EDIT: well well well, interesting


Solanke to Bournemouth is pretty cool. Hope it works out for him.Wonder if the Callum Wilson to Chelsea rumors are real?


That’s a tidy profit for someone who signed for us on a free and he likely wasn’t going to see any first team time behind Sturridge & Origi barring deep injury trouble. We still have Rhian Brewster, Bobby Duncan, & Paul Glatzel as strikers in the pipeline as far as youth goes so not too worried there.

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Oops, I meant to say Ki-Jana Hoever, a 16 year old Dutch baby who only joined in September.

Yoooo he was gooood!

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I’m a Chelsea fan, changed on a whim from Arsenal as a friend was paying for my tattoo and I liked the logo better. I watch or listen to pretty much anything about the game (at one time I listened to six separate podcasts a week) and don’t really hate any other team but just try enjoy what’s on.


But you might like to know that the parents of a West Ham mascot, having paid £700 for an experience that also includes a training session with community coaching staff, are then required to fork out £80 for a club kit in which the child can trot out on to the pitch alongside a player.


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Wow, Petr Cech retiring at the end of the season.


Thanks Big Pete


Oh uh. What’s going on with Arsenal?


Uhh Chelsea? You alright there?

Stoked to move into 4th, but watching two of my buddies embrace the void during that match was something else.

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Woooooooow, that score line. Arsenal sneaking into 4th. I love it.

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My cable package carries the Bundesliga over the Premier League, so my support tends to fall there. Was a shame to see Dortmund fall apart in the second half of the Champions League match against Tottenham, but it’s cool to see them lead their domestic league this year.


It’s slightly less fun to kick them when they’re as down as they are, but that loss to Newcastle puts Pickford’s “I won’t blunder like Alisson” in focus.