Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Rob Zacnys


Robs Zacny? Anyway, this aggression will not stand, man. They can’t do this to our Largest Son.


whats homestuck


Rob, don’t read Homestuck.


Homestuck was a mistake


I can just picture the look on his sweet face, Our Rob, as Cado and Austin enter hour seventeen of explaining Homestuck. He takes a sip from a coffee mug. Does it contain coffee? Unlikely. If it does, does he wish it contained, instead, concentrated arsenic?


Is this the next lore reasons


If I have to remove my son, Rob Zacny, from this clearly unsafe work environment, I will.


Rob Zacny has proven time and again he can defend himself and has the ability to utterly destroy any pretenders.


Homestuck is like intentionally injecting yourself with a virus that causes hallucinations


Only if they try to do it in chronological order


The proper plural is Zacni


I feel inexplicably drawn to “Robs Zacny” though. It just feels good.


Look if we don’t test makeup on Robs Zacni how will we know if it’s safe for me?!?

  • Zacnys
  • Zacnies
  • Zacni
  • Zox

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please edit to include Robs Zacny though


This, and also if you’re going to include “Zacni” for the faux-Latin pluralization you should really include “Zacnydes” for the Greek.




Please do not make rob read homestuck, no one deserves that.

  1. Courts-martial, sergeants-major, robs-zacny.

  2. Rob, don’t read Homestuck.

2a. If these demons make you read Homestuck, Commodore Zacny, don’t hold back. It’s time to make them play Advanced Squad Leader. With all the expansions.


[Rob pulls out a 3-ring binder]

Danielle: Okay, wow. That’s…
Austin: yeah, ummm. it’s a lot. ASL is like… a lot

Rob: Oh, that’s just the beginner rules.

[Rob begins stacking even more binders on the table]

Patrick: No. No no no no no. NO!

[A large, teetering tower of binders is now threatening to engulf the Waypoint Offices]