Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Rob Zacnys


We are talking about Rob Zacny as if he is the victim, but he is the monster.

Sure, he seems to be a warm, kind man now… but when LA Rob comes out… there’s no safe haven from that man…


Exactly this.

And afterwards LA Rob will come in and destroy what remains of the rubble. Because he doesn’t give a fuck.


Zacnydes is incredible, but what I really like about Zacni is that it’s both faux Latin and genuine* Polish:

*insofar as I can tell, I’m no scholar of the Polish language


My favourite has to be Zacni, since it reminds me of the Rachni from Mass Effect. Though I don’t think of Rob as being very swarm-like.


oh no



Takes off hat Oh Rob…oh dear Rob.


look if this is the train that gets me down the path toward a be good and rewatch it of hunter x hunter i have no qualms hell i’ll even watch this tank girl adaptation

thinkin about the good boy: killua


he can be your angle…
or yuor devil…

dont turn ur back on LA Rob… thats how he wins …


LA Rob: It may be real dark in here but he’s still wearing sunglasses.


Who would win, LA Rob or Dr. Tracksuit?


Never bet against LA Rob.


Don’t underestimate the power of Tracksuit
After all, he’s a doctor, of medicine.


There seem to be too many cruelties to protect our Rob Zacnys from already, but if it’s not too late we need to protect them from playing Long War 2. Long War 2 basically takes all of the bad parts of XCOM 2 and cranks them up to 80. Every time I hear Rowan Kaiser suggest Rob should play it on 3MA I suspect he’s actually a Faceless in disguise.


Vriska did nothing wrong.


Hmmm. Maybe I should play Long War 2… Thanks for the recommendation, Laser!


Don’t make me slow motion run toward your computer yelling NOOOOOOOO!

Take it from someone who still thinks base XCOM 2 is good, and in fact better than XCOM 1, it’s not a good time!


Long War 2 is a tragedy. It’s like overdosing on cough syrup. “More” does not always make better.

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