Software recommendations for Blu-ray ripping


So I’ve finally hit the point where I no longer care about physical media. I never thought it’d happen but right now I’d much rather have access to my movies from anywhere in the house without digging out a plastic disc.

The problem this leaves me with is that I have a whole lot of work ahead of me to rip all these movies, and little knowledge of how to do it. I’ve got all the hardware I need, but the software side seems particularly under documented online. Pretty much every video or article I’ve found reads like a paid advertisement, which is troubling to me when all of the options seem to cost in the vicinity of $100.

Thus I turn to you all with pleas for help:
What application are you using if any, and are there any specific settings you use to get a good balance between file size and quality?


I use MakeMKV to backup my physical media. You can then use something like Handbrake to make the files smaller, but I don’t bother.

Ive honestly found it easier to just convert most of my stuff to a digital license with Vudu’s disc to digital program. You can download for offline viewing and avoid worrying about your home server stuff going sideways


Funny thing is I’d tried MakeMKV and it didn’t work properly before. I reinstalled it based on your reply and this time it’s everything I could hope for!

Thank you!

And vudu sounds interesting but is unavailable outside of the US.


I would also advise a google doc spread sheet to help keep track of what you have ripped. I’ve ripped a lot of “home movies” in a totally legal manner but it gets hard to keep track off

And if you want to ditch all the physical media maybe keep the discs in a big ass binder. Never under estimate the value of a big ass binder


Yeah, I realized pretty early on that I’d have to do something like this. I guess that’s one more thing to do while all these progress bars fill up :slight_smile:

And I’m not getting rid of the plastic any time soon… though I might be tempted to the next time we move.