Some random thought about The Last Of Us


After all these years I still wonder if I was supposed to read something into The Last Of Us ending in Jackson. To be brisk, Johnny Cash and June Carter taught us that Jackson is a city where relationships go when they’re dead. Was that detail meant to nudge the player toward concluding that Ellie and Joel’s relationship is not going to improve? And am I especially crazy or do they hold off identifying the city via roadsign until the last scene of that game?


Huh. That’s an interesting thought. Not really something I ever thought about to be honest. Are there more of these types of references through the game?


I mean there’s something of a counterargument in the fact that every smaller town you go through in The Last Of Us is named after a US president. Jackson, and then the town Bill’s hold up in is Lincoln, Massachusetts. With how the game starts in Boston and ends in Salt Lake City, my theory is that at some point there was a, for lack of a better term, Obsidian’s The Last of Us, that had a focus on US history but didn’t cut the mustard and you can see remnants of it that got salvaged for the final game.

Masterfully crafted, but to a scrutinizing eye The Last of Us is a rather shallow game.