Some 'Street Fighter' Fans Salty Because a New Character Seems Too Simple


The new character in ‘Street Fighter V’ is rubbing players the wrong way. But he’s actually a lot like someone you already know.

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If anyone’s salty about anything it’s that a beloved fighting game series is in desperate need of excitement, and then in the face of other fighting game devs putting together the wildest shit imaginable, Capcom announced a character no one cares about.


my personal gripe with abigail’s looks is less about his not being introspective or emo and more about the fact that all of his bodyparts look like someone stuffed a bunch of hams into a football sock

also when people say a character isn’t complex enough are they talking about whether combos are difficult to execute or about whether a character’s moveset allows for a varied playstyle? i haven’t been paying attention to sfv but i feel like in 2016 there was a general feeling that a lot of the cast had basically 1 gameplan that they were tailored for and it was hard to do much else.


I had always wondered why a friend of mine used this term. Great sentence, Gareth!


I find the tone of this article kinda scattershot so I’m just gonna ignore the is-this-a-doke-or-not tone and respond seriously to some of the stuff pointed out in it.

I find the assertion the writer makes that people don’t like Abigail’s design because it’s “making a mockery” of the usual MO of the series to be pretty off base. In SFV we have Birdie, grappling stereotype Zangief, and wacky wrestler Mika. In past games we’ve had characters like Rufus, Hakan, Honda, Blanka, and Dudley who are all pretty out there. Aesthetically the series has always been fairly goofy, even if the poster boy is ultra-serious Ryu. To say that the FGC at large prefers “self-serious, introspective mysterious types” or “hyper-anime emo vibes” is…strange. SF, and fighting games in general, have always had a fairly wide range of weird characters. Abigail isn’t unique in that regard. I do agree that simpler characters are often subject to people showing less respect to them and their players. Across all FGs you’ll find people who hate a character because they’re too “easy.” Smash 4 has had this flare up all over again after Salem won Evo with Bayonetta.

Abigail just feels like an extension of the questionable aesthetics of SFV. Inconsistent character designs have plagued the game and I can 100% see why Abigail would just look like another blunder. To me the game is still wrestling with itself to find any kind of consistent, appealing look. Abigail doesn’t fix that or even seem like a step in the right direction and added on top of the already high levels of disappointment SFV still holds for a lot of people it’s not at all surprising the announcement was met with ridicule and confusion. The writer is pretty harsh on the lames who take things too seriously but I don’t find the “u salty” shtick all that helpful either.

Anyway, I probably took a fairly jokey article way too seriously buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I felt like there was some stuff worth poking at here.


I have to agree with you, I’m not sure I got the tone of the article, but the character was shunned before the command list was even available.

He just came at a bad time, Evo had some WILD announcements and then we get the announcement of a previous Hugo reskin. I just don’t think that making a FULL season of brand new SF characters was a good idea, we’re still going to get 3 more characters that people will simply not be excited about because they’re not iconic characters that should be in the game.

It didn’t prevent SF3 from being great, but SF5 is unfortunately no SF3.