Someone Needs to Put Emily Blunt in a Video Game, OK?


Austin, Rob, Danielle, and Patrick are all about playing mecha tactics game Into the Breach lately, though some have caught the bug worse than others. Austin talks Far Cry 5, Patrick also played Florence, and Rob is all about the low-fi beauty of Command Ops 2. Then, we take a nice, refreshing dive into the question bucket.

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Yo, you all were pretty off about daylight savings time.

Or am I so out of it from dst that I’m mistaking another podcasts conversation about dst for Waypoint?


As to the DST opener: I don’t want the Sun to rise around 3am in the summer but equally I don’t want it to still be dark at 10am in the winter. Graphing it makes it clear to visualise why we have to jump the clocks to save my sanity.


As someone who does night shifts, I couldn’t give a toss about the sun rising at 3am. That’s why you get blackout curtains/blinds.


i can’t seem to find a GIF/vid of this impressive push-up that Emily Blunt did!


Daylight savings time is great, or do none of you guys do anything outside after work?

Also my uncle works for Ubisoft and the final boss of Far Cry 5 is Mechatrump!


I think the discussion about DST begins and ends with the fact that it actually kills people (mostly older folk) to have their sleep cut short by an hour. Anything else is irrelevant.


Wait, what? Links please because that sounds incredible. The only thing I’ve ever read is that there’s a spike in heart attacks while there is an opposite drop when we move off DST in the autumn so the net is zero additional heart attacks over the year from the clock changes.

(Also this would suggest that the root issue is people force themselves up after an hour less sleep on a Sunday when the clocks change rather than sleeping in and that’s a much deeper problem with the demand for productivity at the cost of rest/health rather than an issue with moving clocks to ensure a narrower window where the Sun comes up.)


Is it just me or does Emily Blunt sound like a killer rap name?


You know what, it had been a while since I read about it and now that I looked it up it was in fact heart attacks I was thinking about. I did however remember correctly that while there is an opposite effect in the fall, it is smaller i.e. there is a net increase in heart attacks (though it seems the study was fairly limited, so take that with a grain of salt (a fairly ironic comment given my last post, yes)).

Nevertheless, I think it’s worth considering that peoples actual health is at stake and that is perhaps a more important factor than what had previously been mentioned.
Also we can be idealistic all we want about how in an ideal society we wouldn’t have to sacrifice health for work but that seems like a goal that is far less attainable than not moving the clock twice a year.