Something About Pro Wrestling!


So I can’t imagine I’m the only person here who loves wrestling, and I just wanted there to be some sort of thread about it. I genuinely think it’s probably the greatest thing on Earth and I’d like to be able to talk about it somewhere outside of Wreddit. So if you’ve got opinions please feel free to share!


And this right here, this is Big Cass and he’s 7 feet tall and you can’t teach that


I’ve never been one to watch wrestling, but I did recently get into Lucha Underground in a big way after it came onto Netflix. After I finished those two seasons, I bought season 3 on Amazon, and now cannot wait until it returns later this month. Also: Dragons are real.


I’m very worried about Shibata and the House of Horrors match from last night was really funny.


I am completely checked out on WWE these days but it means I have a lot more time for New Japan and local indie shows! Got to see the Elite last month as part of their UK tour and nearly lost all bodily control.


What would you rate the HOUSE OF HORRORS MATCH on a scale of 1 to 10?


extremely Kurt Angle voice Not at any college I’ve ever heard of.


Let Bray win clean for once. Just once. Please.



How does one rate a perfect train crash of a moment?


Current hot take post Payback

The wrestling crowd is now heel and we don’t deserve a top guy willing to show ass and bump like death such as Roman


I live in SoCal so I get to see the The Bucks and Adam Cole (BAYBAY) at PWG shows. Always love it. And I’m really looking forward to the NJPW shows coming here in July.


Like a 2. What’s good about it is that it was two millionaires (probably) doing something that wouldn’t be out of place at like, the gathering of the juggalos.


If Shibata never wrestles again I’ll be extremely sad but also happy that he won’t by by 35


That was one of his best matches but that didn’t need to happen.


As we all know, one member of the Waypoint staff is very passionate about professional wrestling.


Very true. But like, god damn. No one has as much passion as that guy and he has so much more left in him. I would give up the vicious head butts and kicks if it meant he could keep going. He’s one of my top 5 right now.


I appreciate the actual athletic ability involved in the wrestling but the stories are often so corny it’s takes away from my appreciation.

I do like a little bit of Lucha Underground, though it does get a bit much at times.


Damn that Patrick x New Day head shaving video is still the best.


Guess I’ll just get this out of the way

1 Roman Reigns is trash
2 Alexa Bliss is the best
3 Bray Wyatt deserves better
4 Finn Balor is being handled terribly
5 So is Nakamura


Shibata would probably be incredible as a more mat-based technical wrestler, but I’d worry he’d eventually try and bring back some of his more stiff/hard-hitting work.