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I really hope Ibushi is okay. That apron bump was baaad looking.

boy that ending sucked huge dicks, especially at the end of what is probably the worst Okada match i’ve ever seen (being only “very good”). Very weird, since all of Jericho’s other matches for the promotion have been great, but i guess with AEW finally kicking off soon they don’t want him losing clean.

Also Billy Brexit sucks and i’m mad that a) he beat Dragon Lee and b) Hiromu didn’t immediately come out and murder him. The Naito/Ibushi match was also both more terrifying and less good than their MSG match.

Definitely a good show but i think it’s probably also the worst major NJPW show in at least the three-ish years that i’ve been watching regularly. At least the G1 announcements were exciting.

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Fair play if the show didn’t hit for you, but no way I’d rank it below some of the random New Beginning or Destruction shows over the years that have been like literally one match shows.

Guess it depends on your definition of a “major show”

Dominion Spoilers

Really not liking the finish to the show/main event. I get why you do that in theory with what Jericho has coming up and also wanting to do something different but it just looked… bad. On top of that Okada came out of it looking kinda bad despite winning, which is like the bizarro version of what Okada matches are like, where he always manages to win and make his opponent look great. Why not just have a long, gruelling, physical street fight, where both guys put on a show, give the crowd what they want and then let that be it? Unless they’re planning on a rematch later on it just seems like a really poor compromise from a booking perspective.

Other than that I thought this was a great show, though it didn’t have the same high points that last years Dominion had. I thought the undercard/midcard matches were all really good, the Jr match was crisp, well executed and well paced, though I thought it could’ve been a bit longer. The IC match… Look, I love Ibushi and I think Naito is a genius, but I hate watching those two wrestle each other, because they always end up doing shit that is just waaaay too dangerous. These guys are both 36 years old, and they should know far better by now. Will Ospreay is 24 years old and even he figured out that it’s not worth risking your life with stupid dangerous spots, and there is no excuse for them continuing to do this. It’s the same problem I’ve had with some of the Naito/Omega matches in the past where they go out of their way to do risky stuff that doesn’t even look that good.

Overall, a very good show, but man those last 2 matches just frustrated the hell out me, because they could’ve been so much better and they were kinda ruined for me by creative decisions that I think undersell the talent that was in the ring.

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New Beginning and Destruction are tours rather than major shows to me. though i guess Hi No Kuni is a major show and is universally shithouse so i’ll shift the goalposts and say “worst of their top 4” (Wrestle Kingdom, Sakura Genesis/G1 Supercard, Dontaku, Dominion)

Ibushi: Lands on his neck at a terrifying angle

Everyone: Is terrified

Ibushi: Hey don’t worry. It’s no big deal. Doing this would be way worse Jumps neck-first off of 3-story building

I dunno, I find everything Painmaker Jericho does to be so hilarious that I ended up really enjoying both the main event and the aftermath. Maybe I wouldn’t have protected Jericho like that; no one really looks bad losing to Okada anyway. Doubt a rematch is in the cards either, and I’d rather we move forward from this. Still need to do Jericho/Suzuki and Jericho/Ishii.

Wholesome content:


“C’mon my friend, many sake, let’s go”


Also, this opens up for the possibility of a Moxley vs Suzuki grudge match, because Suzuki beats the crap out of Umino.

this should be how Shota finally goes on excursion. Mox just likes his new son so much he won’t give him back

Can’t wait for Red Shoes & Mox to fight for the right to be Shota’s dad.

G1 line-up just announced tonight:
A Block:

B Block:

surprised Suzuki’s not in, and i’m sad to miss out on Moxley/Okada and Moxley/ZSJ (probably the horniest of all possible match-ups) but otherwise this looks like basically 6 weeks of absolute fucking bangers


MOX V YTR gonna end up match of the year

I predict Mox has one or two absolute stinkers this G1. Probably the Taichi match and maybe the Jay White match. Not because those guys aren’t good, but because I can see Mox’s style getting weird there. I’m hoping I’m wrong though.
I cannot wait for Shingo v ISHII. The second Shingo left dragon gate and came to New Japan that is exactly the match I wanted to see. Ishii is my favorite active in ring guy and I think Shingo is a brilliant wrester.
Suzuki, Makabe, Tama Tonga, and Yoshi Hashi are out this year. I wish Fale was out too. I think Suzuki is taking a break from that schedule (he’s in his 50s), Tama sucks, Makabe is probably going to do three more cooking shows, and Yoshi hashi . . . . .So I just wish they could replace Fale with almost literally anyone. He’s my least favorite wrestler in New Japan. Glad Lance Archer is in. I can’t wait for his rematch with ospreay. And I think in block A KENTA Ibushi is what I want the most.

congrats on getting both these matches on literally the first night
i guess those Dallas tickets really weren’t selling well because holy moly they’ve pulled out the stops here. Okada/Tana, KENTA/Ibushi, Archer/Ospreay and SANADA/ZSJ all on one night is a hell of a card

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I almost considered flying to dallas. I don’t have the money for that, but I thought about it.

Guys. The G1 is dope. I’m excited about that. Bla bla.
Liger is coming to my town the day after the dallas show. I get to see him on his last go round. I don’t know any other person on this wrestling show (other than SHO, YO, and Rocky) but i’ll spend the $20 to see old man Liger one more time.

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got my wrestle kingdom tickets this morning, 1st floor stands for both nights. Wanted to get Arena A seats but they were like AU$350 each and on top of flights and accommodation that is a little much even to see Liger’s retirement match.

Retirement Liger was a treat last night. He is having a great time with the fans. I didn’t get a photo, but he lit up whenever anyone spoke Japanese. I told him thanks for wrestling as long as I have been alive and he said thanks for being a fan. I got to talk to him for like a full minute. Also I saw him liger bomb a man through a crappy camping tent. I really want to go, that flight from where I am is just not financially plausible.
Rocky Romero also might be the nicest wrestler on the planet. That’s all. Also, SHO and YOH are kinds grossly dreamy in person. Like, seeing them up close is fans self
I’m jealous you’re going to WK this year.

I still can’t believe that Meltzer and loads of his fans are trying to justify the chair shot to Cody Rhodes and make excuses.