Something About Pro Wrestling!

Can’t wait for Red Shoes & Mox to fight for the right to be Shota’s dad.

G1 line-up just announced tonight:
A Block:

B Block:

surprised Suzuki’s not in, and i’m sad to miss out on Moxley/Okada and Moxley/ZSJ (probably the horniest of all possible match-ups) but otherwise this looks like basically 6 weeks of absolute fucking bangers


MOX V YTR gonna end up match of the year

I predict Mox has one or two absolute stinkers this G1. Probably the Taichi match and maybe the Jay White match. Not because those guys aren’t good, but because I can see Mox’s style getting weird there. I’m hoping I’m wrong though.
I cannot wait for Shingo v ISHII. The second Shingo left dragon gate and came to New Japan that is exactly the match I wanted to see. Ishii is my favorite active in ring guy and I think Shingo is a brilliant wrester.
Suzuki, Makabe, Tama Tonga, and Yoshi Hashi are out this year. I wish Fale was out too. I think Suzuki is taking a break from that schedule (he’s in his 50s), Tama sucks, Makabe is probably going to do three more cooking shows, and Yoshi hashi . . . . .So I just wish they could replace Fale with almost literally anyone. He’s my least favorite wrestler in New Japan. Glad Lance Archer is in. I can’t wait for his rematch with ospreay. And I think in block A KENTA Ibushi is what I want the most.

congrats on getting both these matches on literally the first night
i guess those Dallas tickets really weren’t selling well because holy moly they’ve pulled out the stops here. Okada/Tana, KENTA/Ibushi, Archer/Ospreay and SANADA/ZSJ all on one night is a hell of a card

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I almost considered flying to dallas. I don’t have the money for that, but I thought about it.

Guys. The G1 is dope. I’m excited about that. Bla bla.
Liger is coming to my town the day after the dallas show. I get to see him on his last go round. I don’t know any other person on this wrestling show (other than SHO, YO, and Rocky) but i’ll spend the $20 to see old man Liger one more time.

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got my wrestle kingdom tickets this morning, 1st floor stands for both nights. Wanted to get Arena A seats but they were like AU$350 each and on top of flights and accommodation that is a little much even to see Liger’s retirement match.

Retirement Liger was a treat last night. He is having a great time with the fans. I didn’t get a photo, but he lit up whenever anyone spoke Japanese. I told him thanks for wrestling as long as I have been alive and he said thanks for being a fan. I got to talk to him for like a full minute. Also I saw him liger bomb a man through a crappy camping tent. I really want to go, that flight from where I am is just not financially plausible.
Rocky Romero also might be the nicest wrestler on the planet. That’s all. Also, SHO and YOH are kinds grossly dreamy in person. Like, seeing them up close is fans self
I’m jealous you’re going to WK this year.

I still can’t believe that Meltzer and loads of his fans are trying to justify the chair shot to Cody Rhodes and make excuses.

What’s he said now?

Just sounds like he’s wildly scrambling to justify a chairshot to the head because it’s in the org that he supports.

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Thanks, i’ll give that a listen on my break now

I was going to wait until the end of the tournament, but if you like wrasslin I really ask that you watch the Naito Shingo Takagi match from this past weekend’s G1. I loved everything that happened in that match. It’s my favorite match of the G1 so far. It’s just. It’s amazing. Shingo is a genius. Hated to see him leave dragon gate but man, this was worth it. And Naito is a gawdang star. Just. He’s incredible.
I also think the Kobe World match between Pac and Ben-K was great. Pac has been awesome since coming back to Dragon Gate. There’s a triple threat tag team match from that card that is just the best tag team match I’ve seen in years and I never like triple threats. Kzy Shun Skywalker was also good.
I think the evolve show from earlier in July was good, but I really do not remember it at this point. Same with any of the AEW stuff.

But really. Shingo Naito was an absolute delight.

Went to the AEW show live last night & somewhat miraculously it was a real good time. I know AEW fans have a tendency to come off as smarky & obnoxious but the people there seemed like they just were excited to be there & weren’t trying to get themselves over.

Match of the night was absolutely the women’s championship match where by the end just about everyone was on their feet & cheering. I think Nylas back bump onto the chairs really sold it. I personally would have liked Nyla to have gotten a bit more love from her home town crowd but I don’t remember them ever announcing who or from where people were from & she is a heel so I guess I get that. I think a lot of people were genuinely sold on those two women at the end though.

The rest of the show was fun. Cima & Darby Allen was a fun match but after the live broadcast ended they had The Lucha Brothers, Angelico & Jack Evans tag against Private Party & The Best Friends accompanied by Orange Cassidy) and that match was a banger. There was a little kid in the audience in a perfect Orange Cassidy cosplay who they cut to once at the beginning of the show & a second time giving the thumbs up as Orange was getting super-kicked by the Lucha Bros.

Still really weird that people un-ironically cheer for the owners of a wrestling show who I personally feel 99/100 should never be treated like faces but thats the only real gripe I had about the show Oh and Jack Swagger. wtf

permanent heel jack swagger was the weirdest move, and 100% I am out on cheering ownership. I’m not even totally okay cheering cody and the bucks (like, not when wrestling). They talked too much before AEW was a thing and all of a sudden all the things they talked about are either forgotten or bastardized. Which is what I expected. I’m not holding them to a higher standard than I hold any professional wrestling promoters, but I just wish they hadn’t pretended to be woke. What I’ve seen of the show was dope though. I’m moderately in.

who else is hyped for king of trios this weekend? Streaming on iwtv and chikaratopia

Hey folks.

I out the word out in the discord but I’ll let people know here incase they don’t use it.

I’m gunna start a wrestling predictions ppv league starring with Full Gear tonight.
Its just for fun, no buy in or commitment.

Ill mark on total points as well as have a Formula 1 type of driver championship.

If you’re interested I have the PDF scorecard from PWScorecards and an Excel copy if that’s easier, let me know and I’ll get it to you asap

Hey folks, not sure this is necessarily in the SPIRIT of the thread but I love the Waypoint Forums so I wanted to post about a pro wrestling project I do, the WDKW100. It is a public poll of the best in-ring wrestlers of the world. Folks post lists of either 50 or 100 of their best wrestlers of the year ranked. I take those responses and put together a ranked list. That list is released over the course of about a month. Last year I received about 85 responses and 800+ wrestlers received votes! It was awesome. Hope if you are interested in wrestling you consider participating.

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Extremely into this, I’ll try rank my 50 tonight, sounds like a ball

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