Something About Pro Wrestling!


How y’all doing with the Mae Young Classic so far? I feel like the first round had some pretty decent matches despite some of the jobbers being green as grass, but the commentary definitely was bad and most of the matches were really obvious.
Also Rachael Ellering is extremely boring and she should have jobbed out to Alpha Female so we could get more giant German woman action.


Greatest thing about Wagner unmasking is he now feels totally cool with posting “dad bod goal” pics on the internet. Truly special.

But yeah, agree. Was weird not seeing THAT much talk about that when he had 1 of probably 3 or 4 masks that carry true meaning, others being Atlantis and LA Park. AAA does a lot of things wrong but they got Wagner’s mask on their biggest show of the year for their biggest babyface, Psycho Clown, which should be commended.

In typical lucha fashion CMLL’s biggest show of the year is next month and no matches are OFFICIALLY locked in.


Are you rebooking the matches or are you mixing up Rachel Ellering with Kimber Lee, who was Alpha Female’s opponent?


yeah rebooking. change it so Alpha Female beat Ellering, and Kimber beat Xia Li.


The best Puroresu channel on youtube Real Neat Puro just put out a video on the importance of Tomohiro Ishii, the greatest carpenter in wrestling today.


Mae Young Finals tomorrow! It’s gonna be Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler.

Who ya got? Feels like they’re gonna go for the latter, but hopefully I’m wrong.


I really hope Kairi gets this. I’m not a fan of this four horsewoman of MMA angle at all.


I’d be okay with the four horsewomen angle if somehow they connected it with Auska being an unstoppable force.

Please excuse this fantasy booking:

Like let the horsewomen storyline go for a bit & then have Auska debut, taking them all down one by one on her own & becoming champion. Have her have several successful defenses against the horsewomen & then have her streak end with a loss by Kairi who definitely deserves it.


It just seems so obvious that that’s what they would be going for, sadly. My only hope is that the moment that potential feud conclude, or preferably before it does, Kairi and Asuka come out and lay absolute waste to both groups.


I hope they do not go for Baszler, even though they definitely will, because her whole push this whole tournament has been very intensely just “hey she’s friends with Ronda Rousey!!!” which sucks both as a story and for her personally. also i’m pretty sure Kairi Sane is the best wrestler in the world right now and should be treated as such


It’s definitely between her, Io Shirai (if healthy) and Asuka for me right now, at least for female wrestlers, but even disregarding gender she’s still probably one of the 10 best workers in the world. She is friggin’ spectacular, full stop.

I posted this in the Asuka thread, but I think it fits in here as well and for Kairi: Rhonda is coming, and I think it’s very likely that they will be feeding both Asuka and Kairi to her to make her look strong. I think this sucks.


So turns out Kairi did win. Pretty good match but surprisingly short; only around 15 minutes, I think. Also they seem to have decided Kairi’s elbow drop is called the Insane Elbow now.


And the streak of WWE handing out bad names for finishers continues. “Is it an alliteration? Yes? Alright, we’re done here.”

Edit: On a more serious and positive note, This competition, for as poor as the commentary was and how relatively little time the performers got in the ring, is still a great example of how much better WWE has gotten at booking women’s wrestling. No bra and panties matches, no musical chairs, focus on actual in ring work and strong characters. As much as I may like to bitch about the way WWE has handled certain parts of their women’s division, and they have goofed up plenty, I can’t not respect and appreciate just how much better they’ve gotten compared to even 5 years ago.


Bobby “The Brain” Heenan passed away today.

Hennan is, without a doubt, the greatest color commentator of all time. He and Gorilla Monsoon formed the best announcing duo that wrestling has ever seen.


I haven’t really been keeping up with the graps since the G1 Climax, but I might go out of my way to watch No Mercy. Rooting for Braun, Roman, and Neville, but unfortunately expecting their opponents to win. Also lol of course WWE would make their only feud that exclusively involves POC about racism.


So, it looks abundantly clear that Lucha Underground will not be returning for a fourth season & this is honestly a real huge bummer.


It seems like their way of taping shows and doing contracts with the talent just wasn’t working with regards to established stars. I seem to remember Ricochet being really annoyed with them a while back, and he probably wasn’t the only one.

Oh well. LU was a weird fucking thing, and while I thought that they never got as good as their first season it’s a shame to see them shut down. We need promotions to do new things with the formula of wrestling and try to change the presentation, and LU was the posterchild for that.

Hopefully we get something else that’s equally weird, like a wrestling show stylized as a modern scandinavian noir thriller.


so Enzo Amore is now Cruiserweight Champion, further cementing just how much WWE fucking hates their cruiserweight division


Anyone on the show cannot wrestle on another televised wrestling production in the US for six months following the last episode they were in. Ricochet would be in WWE a year ago if not for LU.


Let’s hope Angle can still bump as hard as I am bumping this thread.

In case anyone reading doesn’t know, one of the nuttiest things in recent WWE history is happening tomorrow. Reigns is out, possibly with Meningitis (no official word yet) and WWE decided to lean in HARD and book the show like its being simulated through fucking Fire Pro. Roman Reigns, who was set to reunite with The Shield for the first time in three years, is being replaced by GOD DAMN JASON JORDAN’S OWN KURT ANGLE. Bray Wyatt, who was set to have a match dressed as a screen door or something against Finn Balor is out as well. Balor is instead wrestling AJ Styles.