Something About Pro Wrestling!


I don’t respect the WWE in any way, shape, or form, but I am damn impressed at this audible calling on their part. Gonna be quite a thing to watch Kurt Angle presumably put through a table.


Holy cow that is nuts. This is yet another example of how good stuff only seems to happen when WWE’s plans go awry.


I read last night that even Trips is stepping in for Owens in their Chile tour. Unreal. Good on WWE for giving everyone a good show.


Hopefully this results in a bigger deal match for the actual Shield reunion. Throwing a bunch of random wrestlers at them is super boring.

Finn/AJ should be fire.


I sort of hate GM Kurt Angle so hopefully they can write him out of the position tonight. I’ll never forgive him for talking over the NATO alphabet part of The Shield’s first entrance back together last week…


Okada is now the longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight champion at 490 days. He passes Shinya Hashimoto’s reign from the mid-90’s. Okada will pass up Tanahashi for most combined days, across all reigns, on the day before Wrestle Kingdom in January.


So, finally finished watching Ultima Lucha 3 and Holly shit. Only 5 out of the 12 matches didn’t end up with someone bleeding. The matches were all in all top with Dante Fox & Killshots match being my favorite even though I don’t like hardcore matches. The image of Fox’s back the next night was one of the most uncomfortable things I have seen period but those two (especially Strickland) have solidified themselves as some of my favorite wrestlers. I just can only hope that they do get season 4 because my good boy Angelico needs to do well and serve that dirty bastard Jonny his just desserts.

Oy, introduce yourself!

WrestleGAF refugee happy to find another videogame forum wrestling thread :grinning:


We live in bizarre times, with WWE only seemingly able to put on a must watch show completely by accident. As much as I love a good car crash TLC match, I really hope Angle has smartened up in his time away and recognizes that all people really need to see him do is his entrance, and suplex Miz around a few times. In a match that has Rollins, Ambrose, Cesaro, Miz, Strowman, & Sheamus there is absolutely no need for him (or Kane) to be taking needlessly risky bumps. Having said that, I expect the daft bastard to at least insist he gets his usual moonsault miss in.

As others have said, Balor/Styles is the true crown in tonight’s proceedings. I know having to conform to typical ‘WWE style’ could hold it back, but this is still the closest I think a WWE match could come (in terms of quality) to the stuff NJPW has been doing lately.

Also, hi! I am a fellow WrestleGAF alumni.


I still need to watch the last two episodes, but god damn that Hell of War match was probably the best match LU ever put on (or, at least in contention with Grave Consequences 1 and Pentagon v. Hitokiri/Io Shirai). From that ridiculous apron spot in the first round, to the barbed wire and glass everywhere, to Dante Fox kicking out at “1”, to the solemn and mournful conclusion. I’m cool with the occasional hardcore match if it feels like there’s a purpose to it (like the first Grave Consequences), and this match just felt personal the whole way through. In contrast, the Ivelisse v. Catrina match on the next episode felt like such a let down because all of the blood and hardcore-ness just did not feel earned to me. I was so excited to see Ivelisse return, and it was cool to see Catrina enter the ring for the first time on LU, but Ivie getting glassed three times in a row just felt way too excessive for how little build there was. Despite that, I’ve been enjoying Ultima Lucha so far, and can’t wait to see the other big matches!


Apparently they cut a huge amount of that match so part of that feeling might have been because of that. Seeing Ivelisse almost in tears at the end felt really powerful considering she keep getting injured.


Though I’ll be watching WWE TLC tonight, I must keep my expectations in check. I keep going into every PPV hoping the main roster can outdo the NXT roster and always end up being disappointed. The TakeOver events are so consistently good, that I’ve been spoiled. If given the time and Vince lets them take of the “WWE style” cuffs, Styles vs Balor should be a MotY candidate. Former Bullet Club leaders…should be good stuff.


That would make a lot of sense. For me, the match just felt like it went from zero to glass bottles super fast; then it just kept going and getting more brutal, and I just didn’t get it. I agree with you on the ending though. Ivelisse is so underrated in that promotion, and the fact that she keeps getting injured is heartbreaking – so, seeing that reflected in the match itself was a good touch.


Even though Angelico is my favorite more than anyone Ivelisse deserves to be champ. Imo


I feel like I need to mention this since I’ve seen so many people excited for Balor/Styles.

There is no way that match ends without Bray Wyatt spooky magic bullshit, effectively ruining an otherwise great match.


Nah, Wyatt is probably nowhere near the building. What ever he has, it is crazy contagious.


I feel they will stay well clear of any weird spooky Wyatt stuff, even in titantron form. All it will do is draw attention to the fact he isn’t there.


I wish I had as much faith as all of you in WWE not messing this up.

I just can’t imagine WWE not having this match in service of Bray vs Balor at a later date. I sure hope I’m wrong though.


Bray is out sick with the same illness that sidelined Reigns and others in the locker room. I guess they could put together a quick video package to play some mind games or something, but I don’t think Bray will be making an appearance.


I’m still a little worried about putting Angle into the main event to replace Roman. I know he can still go, but why not pluck someone from SD like they did for Balor?