Something About Pro Wrestling!


I’ve heard the theory that Kurt is immediately taken out to be replaced by Jason Jordan. Angle could just be there to get eyes on the PPV and swiftly be removed from a match he probably shouldn’t be in,


The SmackDown roster has a show in South America this weekend, and was already missing Kevin Owens as he had to skip it for personal reasons. HHH actually went down there to make up for the tour losing Styles and KO.


I thought it was going to be Jason Jordan all along. Are the Raw crowds still kinda meh about him?


I don’t think they could pull that without the live crowd totally shitting on it. They really aren’t bothered by PPV buyrates these days anyway, the Network changed all that.


Oh man, the amount of ill will that would create - I can’t imagine them doing that.


Meh at best. That theme and his lack of character are a double-whammy of bad booking.


They still want people to tune in to watch though. If you lose your biggest match and the only thing that really anyone cares about (Shield Reunion) then a lot fewer people are gonna watch, and if nobody’s watching then nobody’s talking about it and that’s as bad as it gets in these days where you can’t measure success by buy-rates.

@SkeletalSam WWE pulling a move everyone would hate because they’re trying to get someone over is possibly the most WWE thing I can imagine.


I could see them having a heel destroy Angle and try to have Jordan get a pop for coming to save him but idk if the love for Angle would transfer to Jordan in the moment


I think they know Jason Jordan is a bit of a lame duck but they’re leaning into it (but not leaning into it quite enough for them to tease Kurt Angle’s return to a WWE ring and pull it away).

It’s a shame about Jordan - I loved American Alpha. Alpha were the modern day Steiner Brothers who just showed up in singlets and threw people around.


I’m willing to wager that it won’t.


Well they already said that Asuka like to have fun!


It’s insanely good and smart of WWE that Jason Jordan spent years in developmental not getting over, and then as soon as he gets over as part of a fantastic tag team they decide he should be a singles guy instead


As well as being used for an absolutely pointless segment throwing food at Elias. Chad Gable definitely got the better end of that breakup.


Enzo really is god damn fantastic on the mic.


Time for AJ vs Finn, hope they give them some time.


Enzo becoming a two-time champ solidifying that the Cruiserweight division really is in the gutter. Neville leaving was probably the best move if this is what’s left for that division.


That was a really good and fun match. WWE needs more of this.


Finn and AJ delivered. And it ended how it should have. Doing the “Too Sweet” right in the middle of the ring. Bullet Club 4 Life!!!


That main event was the damndest thing I’ve ever seen.


Them trying to actually make him literally Angle’s son really just throws fire on the whole thing I think. I, for the life of me, don’t understand why they did that and not something more believable like him being trained by Angle or some shit. The whole son angle (no pun intended) just makes him seem silly I think