Something About Pro Wrestling!


Came in with really low expectations. But I thought TLC went really well. Thought Emma did a great job. Was unsure about the main event, but maaaan did this impromptu Shield team up work out.


I actually think both this and Hell in a Cell were much better than they looked on paper, pleasant surprises overall for both.


I enjoyed the show, very entertaining main event. AJ and Finn lived up to expectations. Rest of the card was ok, nothing really disappointed for me.

My only gripe, if we’re going to have gimmick PPV titles, can we at least have more than one of those match types?


Yeah, the gimmick themed PPVs have always been dumb in that manner. Either they minimize the gimmick itself or just are arbitrary because they are barely utilized in the PPV of the same name.


TLC matches are such spot fests that I don’t think I’d really want more than one in a PPV. TLC is the one that really pushes the naming conventions over the line though. I don’t have as much of a problem with say, Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank, because those matches feel worthy of the PPV title.

Is Strowman becoming the gimmick vehicle king?


Royal Rumble is such a big match, wrestler wise, that it can only really be held once a year I feel, and there’s the whole “guaranteed” title shot at WrestleMania that gives it a little more weight as its own deal. Money in the Bank is okay, but I just I’m just purist with old school naming (Bad Blood, Unforgiven, etc).

I still also remember when they had a Fatal Fourway PPV where every match was a Fatal 4-Way. SMH


I really miss The time when the elimination chamber was exclusively a summerslam match and The MITB was exclusively a wrestlemania match. It made those ppv’s Seem like a Big deal that you knew these matches weed going to be part of The show. Giving those matches their own ppv Always felt kinda unimaginative and cheap to me. Like, they’re not as Big of a deal as The Rumble or as The Survivor series used to be.


I agree with you 100%, but probably worth clarifying that Elimination Chamber was never an exclusive SummerSlam match. It was, I think, actually only on one SummerSlam card in 2003. Before it became its own thing it was on Survivor Series, SummerSlam, No Way Out and New Year’s Revolution


well shit, you’re right! I actually think doing it at No Way Out made a lot of sense because, like, there’s no way out of the chamber. Calling the ppv Elimination Chamber makes it seem like there’s nothing else worth watching on the card to me.


The main event was peak wrestling. An overbooked, stupidly fun time.

Braun will be missed, though. He was a good monster.


I really enjoyed TLC. Some good matches and the main event was completely dumb fun. Finn vs AJ had some weird pacing at times but damn if they ended up delivering and AJ made Finn look legit for the first time since he won the Universal Title. If they go back to the Wyatt stuff is just backwards.

What happened to Jason Jordan is unfortunate. He and Chad had a great thing going on and they weren’t used well at all. Ruined a year plus of build from NXT.

Loving Enzo as a heel. He is so good on the mic that I couldn’t care less he is a bad wrestler. If anything it makes it better because I want to see someone destroy him and him getting what he deserves. Excellent bad guy.

Not sure I’ll watch the weekly program yet but TLC was a nice surprise and I’m looking forward for more.


TLC was certainly one of the most enjoyable WWE events of the past year, and certainly better/more fun than it would have been as originally booked.

Finn and AJ was great. I was hoping they may go longer, but they cut a pretty frantic pace from the start, so 18mins felt pretty packed, and flew by. I really hope they take a step back and look at how they book these guys going forward. In Vince’s eyes these guys don’t have the drawing power of people like Reigns or Strowman, whilst I don’t agree, if that’s how they feel whats the harm in just letting these guys work programs with each other? I’d much rather see Styles/Balor/Nakamura/Owens/Joe/Zayn etc working together than have to see them carrying others like Shane and Jinder to ok matches.


In the end I think the question is “what is more entertaining?”. If you compare the Finn vs AJ match with what he was doing with Wyatt the answer for me it’s obvious. The fact that this was a last minute thing and still resulted in something much better than the original plan should be telling for creative.


The whole Demon and Sister Abigail thing got so nonsensical just about anything would be better


I love how dumb that ending to Raw was. Can’t wait for Braun to show up in a garbage truck at SmackDown and massacre the entire roster himself.


Maybe he’s going to get a new gimmick as The Trashman


What were folks take on the ending to last nights RAW? I thought it was strange, kinda felt like the whole SD brand went heel. I know there’s supposed to be an intense rivalry but I thought they’d build it up a little bit before.


I didn’t care too much for it, but I don’t particularly care about a brand fight. I mean, yeah, this brand split is new, but the last time we had so many of these angles at Survivor Series in the past, and a whole PPV dedicated at one point in Bragging Rights or whatever it was


I feel sorry for everyone who still hopes WWE would maintain a modicum of effort and sense in their storytelling. Was hoping we’d left the stupid brand wars in the past. Very disappointed after the success of TLC.


Why would you have Kane flatten Finn Balor right after his best match with the company which he fucking won??? In what world does that decision make any kind of sense? I just… man…