Something About Pro Wrestling!


Yeah, it was stupid. I don’t dislike Kane or anything, but I don’t understand why they put him over all the time


It’s so weird, if they wanted to build up Kane for a match against Braun, then why not have him squash someone who they aren’t invested in? Finn just got over looking like a million bucks against AJ and now it just seems squandered on the demon libertarian from Knox County Tennessee.

I just don’t understand why I should care about a Braun v. Kane match. I don’t hate Kane but he brings nothing to the program what so ever, and hasn’t for years. Let the man run for mayor and then put him in HOF in a year or so.


Yep, having Kane squash literally anyone else on the Raw roster would have been better than Finn, especially considering they apparently are looking at Balor vs Lesnar for the Rumble. Like, even Rollins or Ambrose would’ve been better. If I were booking it the logical choice would be Matt Hardy; the fans love him so it would generate the heat, but he isn’t really doing anything at the moment so it can’t really damage him long term.


WWE lore dictates that Balor can only win big matches as The Demon King. He was just Vanilla Finn Balor on Monday.


Finnilla Balor?


Kane squashing Balor the night after he had an amazing match and a win over AJ Styles makes no damn sense.


For anyone here who might follow WhatCulture Wrestling, it looks like former figurehead Adam Blampied is the latest milkshake duck. :disappointed_relieved:



He left WhatCulture last month along with most of their other talent. They’re supposedly kicking up a new thing next month but I’m a lot less interested now.


Better response than that dude who doesn’t understand the definition of consent over at NeoGaf. That being said, this is an issue across a lot of members of fields of media that have arisen due to internet communities. I’m just happy to see vigilance prevail in outing these people who supplement their ego through deceit and social pressure.


I saw this earlier tonight. I was really looking forward to their new channel after basically everyone left WhatCulture. Really upset about this.


Fair play for owning up to his disgusting behavior I guess, now he has to deal with the consequences. You don’t get an award for not acting like a swine, just because a lot of other people act like one. There is no applause for giving a sincere apology, because the thing you’re apologizing for is still real and fucked up and you should have known better. I will say that I hope he gets better and gets the help he needs. Not for his sake, but for the sake of all the women he could potentially end up hurting.


I find it difficult to even commend him for getting out in front of allegations before they could come up because well… :nauseated_face:


You’re right, if this is just damage control then fuck him, but I will always wish and hope for someone to improve and get better, simply because I don’t think anybody wins by him just continuing to be a trash human being. That being said, There’s a big difference between hoping and wanting a person to improve and then expecting that person to actually improve.


Manami Toyota retired today.

She is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pro wrestlers in history, and was a force of nature during the early to mid 90’s. She was in 17 five-star matches, and twice in a Match of the Year for Meltzer. Her vs Aja Kong is one of the all-time greatest rivalries in wrestling.


Was anyone else super into RAW being mostly backstage segments this week?

Miz is a pretty solid actor and it really helps the show when they let the characters exist outside of the ring.


Chris Jericho challenged Kenny Omega for the IWGP US title at Wrestle Kingdom.


this is the most beautiful sentence in the english language. i can’t wait to see the two best canadians in the world destroy each other


I pray for the people of Winnipeg.


Outside of all the hype the only thing I could think of was how Jericho’s hairline is rapidly approaching Nicolas Cage with a bird on his head levels.


Jericho versus another KO…