Something About Pro Wrestling!


I got worked hella hard when this match got announced.


The whole Twitter buildup to this has been so good. Jericho’s “character” in this beef has had these tinges of the unearned superior attitude that people who achieve mediocrity at best in the “big leagues” consistently display and hold over those they feel haven’t made it yet. He’s obviously actually accomplished more than enough, but his jabs at New Japan and Omega could just as easily have been thrown by someone like a Bob Holly or Billy Gunn.

Kenny eventually getting fed up with the hollow back and forth sniping and pointing out how there is no point in investing anymore energy when clearly there could never be a money-making in-ring conclusion to this was so perfect. Even upon hearing about Jericho’s contract having expired I didn’t think for a second there was a chance he’d do anything with any company other than WWE.


If you can, search for the Ric Flair 30 for 30 on ESPN. It is a phenomenal documentary on the man.


We’ll see if Omega can carry Jericho to a Wrestle Kingdom-caliber match – Y2J is alright still but hasn’t had a ****+ PPV singles match since 2010, Beast from the East notwithstanding.

In WWE news, something huge took place at the UK tapings. AJ Styles won the WWE Championship and is likely going to face Lesnar in the Champion v. Champion bout at Survivor Series. Unfortunately there’s a chance Jinder might win it back as soon as the India tour (fingers crossed).


Today is good.


Words cannot describe how happy I am.


holy shit, that is awesome! very few tv shows live to see a fourth season, this is proof that they are doing at least something right.


Can I just say that Johnny Mundo doesn’t get enough credit? His run has been incredible & I think he is arguably the defining name in the show. Puma may have been the face & Pentagon the crowd favorite but without Johnny I don’t think the show would have stood out as much as it has.


I just got a subscription to NJPW World because I was getting sick of WWE and I got caught up in all this Wrestle Kingdom 12 hype. If anyone’s been on the fence about checking it out it’s totally worth it. The site is really easy to use and it’s been awesome having a whole new roster to learn.


Welcome to the light side brother/sister! there are cookies and apple juice in the foyer. What have been your favorite matches that you’ve caught up on?


So far just a couple of the more well known recent matches like Will Ospreay vs Ricochet and Omega vs Okada. I’ve had some of the Road to Power Struggle shows running the background while I’ve been doing other stuff too, I looked up at one point to see the Bullet Club dressed as Aladdin characters which was pretty great!

I’m gonna watch the most recent Power Struggle this weekend with a buddy in place of Survivor Series. We normally get together for a WWE PPV once a month but we were both losing interest so I thought we should jump ship to NJPW. Wrestling is the only consistent thing that we get together for.


Almost time for the most important show of the year. Hope you’re all ready to get tranquilo.


I’m predicting a LIJ sweep, but Real Neat Puro’s latest video makes a good, pragmatic case for an Okada win. Although he still thinks it should be Naito.


i definitely feel like the two main event matches are pretty crystal cut on who’s going to win but in a world where the NJ Rumble can come down to Cheeseburger and Kakihara as the final two I guess anything can happen.


I think Cheeseburger was one of the final two last year as well.


Yeah he was, I forgot about that. Still surprised by the winner, though.

In other news, extremely disappointed that noted scumbag Michael Elgin is allowed to enter a ring.


So I just got back from Mexico City & despite not being able to make it to Arena Mexico I did get these for some friends, a coworker & myself at El Basar del Sabado.

(From Left to Right: Mano Negra, Ultimo Guerrero, Blue Demon, Caristico, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Santo fridge magnet, Histeria.)

Hopefully I can watch WK this or next weekend with my sis & said friends.


This is interesting. Four sided Impact ring and a huge Twitch sponsorship.


Those are rad.

You’re gonna love WK, too.


Looking forward to the Rumble event this year. Going to watch it in a bar in Glasgow that shows it and even stuck a tenner on a Nakamura/ Asuka double for their respective rumbles. :smiley: