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…What if Batista comes back and wins the Rumble?


Words cannot describe how god damned happy I am to have woken up to this.

NJPW Spoilers


Congrats on your win!

@Moom NJPW letting a gay storyline happen right under their noses. I just wish they kissed.


does NJPW have a history of homophobia? I’ve been trying to find something and all I’m seeing is articles about the Briscoes saying some really horrible shit.


Sorry, I’ll amend my post because I don’t want to cause unwarranted controversy. Just pretty annoyed personally that apparently Sami Callihan was asked to stop kissing other wrestlers during the Tag League. I know that Sami’s very problematic in his own right, but I was fond of the gimmick. Caveat is that’s just dirtsheet news, so grain of salt.


Also just in general how the wrestling industry as a whole has had such a storied history of homophobia yet here we are in 2018 with one of the most visible & well regarded wrestlers in history being part of a gay story-line that doesn’t feel like it’s just going to end up like Billy and Chuck.

But you never know. It is wrestling after all.


Which sheet had the story?


It’s an Observer note that made the rounds on the usual sites like wrestlinginc and its ilk.


If any one knows me in real life (or just from this thread alone) you would know know I’m hella excited for Lucha Underground season 4 & if you are anything like me then you might be excited to see the news regarding the Temple.

Things to note. Apparently the Temple has moved which while a bummer because the Temple just felt really unique & iconic I am excited to see what a new environment may lead to. Maybe they will diversify the Dario office spots to more than, Angelico nearly killing himself & Mil or Matanza throw someone through the roof as fun as those could be. I also have confidence in the set design team to make it feel as unique as the Temple at Boyle Heights.

Also for anyone in the L.A. area or interested in attending a filming people are recommending keeping tabs on Lucha Underground’s Twitter as today they are going to start offering tickets. I never got a chance to go but in the past you apparently were required to send an email containing:
Your Name
Names of all additional individuals attending your party
Phone Number &
Date(s) you want tickets for

If anyone gets to go say hi to Angelico for me and Prince Pu…oh…

Edit: On an unrelated note the Golden Lovers are perfect & I really like the character of Jay “Knife Pervert” White.


Great feature on the Golden Lovers’ first training session. They have a double team move called the Cross Slash which is a Chrono Trigger reference, in case you weren’t already in love with them. There’s a Q&A at the end, but it continues over at NJPW World.

@Moom People on Twitter saying Jay White’s this sly subversive figure causing rifts in all the factions one by one but all I see is an edgelord with a fetish for stabbing people lol


Agreed & as long as he is like that & every other wrestler keeps just looking at him like “Who is this Kylo Ren ass piece of shit?” I think I’m gonna like him.


NJPW is touring Australia and i’m at the Melbourne show now. i’m very excited to see all my boyfriends live but also disappointed that the merch table sold out of Evil shirts in my size before i could get one. In conclusion, wrestling is a land of contrasts


Oh shit, is that why Okada’s over here?


Yeah. i think it’s the first ever NJPW tour in Australia but don’t quote me on that. They’ve got a good amount of big names on the tour too; Cody, the Bucks, Evil, Sanada, Kenny, and Suzuki are all on the card tonight too.


Neat! I had no idea NJPW was branching out to Australia, so hopefully this does well enough that they come back next year!


They’ve done some shoes in AUS before but I’m not sure they’ve done a full tour.


I’m really excited to see what they do with a new set! I, too, adored the Temple, but I felt as though – with how integral it has been to LU’s in-match storytelling – what it was able to provide in that regard was starting to feel stale toward the end of S3. Plus, with some great capstone matches last season (like Io Shirai’s cross-body off the office against Pentagon or literally everything that happened in “The Hell of War”), I feel like now’s as good a time as any for LU to try and breathe new life into the show’s setting. I just hope it’s not too blue!


I think the new set will be a good thing as it hopefully will diversify the kinds of fights we see in LU. They really like to take the match outside the ring which added to the Fight Club aspect of it but after three seasons, smashing X person into the fence & cross body off of the office got old. LU really felt like it used the Temples environment well for spots that often resulted in genuinely deserved “Holly shit” moments like, Dragon Azteca through the bleachers, Dante Fox off the performance stage through glass & Joey Ryan handcuffing himself to the fence only to have it ripped off by Mil Muertes. I can only hope that they are able to have moments like that in this new arena but I have confidence in them because they genuinely seem like they care about making the environment an integral part of the show.

Seeing as they added color filtering in Post that made later seasons of LU quite orange I have a feeling Season 4 is going to be fairly blue. Lets hope it’s not too bad.

Penta has also been posting a number of new masks which have full covering which might be a sign of a new look incoming. Can’t wait to see Penta vs. Johnny.


Daniel Bryan is cleared to return to in-ring competition and i might have to actually watch a dang Wrestlemania match now


Almost fainted because I forgot to breathe for a good three minutes during the end of Smackdown.