Something About Pro Wrestling!


I don’t watch anime but I’ve heard people compare the Elite/Cody v Kenny storyline to an anime. Cody especially comes off like what I imagine an anime villain is. It’s been going on since June of last year too, which WWE usually doesn’t have stories go on for that long. I can’t wait to see their match this Saturday even if I hate giving Sinclair money more than I hate giving the McMahons money.


It’s just a tremendously told story top to bottom, honestly. There’s a real sense of vulnerability and intimacy to the entire angle, which is so fucking difficult to do right in wrestling. Betrayal and broken friendships aren’t anything inherently new to wrestling but the personal side of it that Kenny, the Bucks and Ibushi have brought to it makes it so much more impactful and relatable. The tag match at SSE felt so ugly, like a public breakup almost, it was such an intimate experience that at points you almost felt kinda bad that you were watching it. The weight and depth there is to that angle is damn near unheard of it wrestling.


Just remember to Kaze Ni Nare and you’ll be fine.


I feel like we need to change the thread title to the Kazuchika Okada Presents “Something About Pro Wrestling”

That ZSJ match had me all hot and bothered, holy shit.


Yeah that match was amazing. I genuinely had doubts that Okada would win at some points.


It’s too bad that Ospreay almost killed himself because if not for that genuine terror kind of spoiling that match it would have been a tremendous top three matches. My understanding is that the WWE schedule injures people more with wear and tear kinda things but NJPW has flirted with disaster so many times to the point where Shibata is always in the back of my mind. I can reconcile the fact that it wears down the body no matter what, but some of the things I see done terrify me, and not in a thrilling way.


I cant remember the last time Wrestlemania was this stacked. NXT especially has an absolutely insane card, which I have no doubt will steal the show. But even Mania itself has an incredible card (though it’s still possible for WWE to make everything go wrong). And oh my god, Supercard, that will be next level.

Whats everyones Wrestlemania plans then? My tradition is to stay up on Saturday night and watch Takeover live (Im in the UK so it’s a late night). Then Sunday day, i’ll catch Supercard. Then in the evening me an the lads get together, watch Takeover (dunno how some of them wait till then) then Mania. Cannot wait


I’ll watch NXT Takeover live with my wrestling friends Discord (I used to go over to a friend’s house but he would complain about booking to the point where it wasn’t fun) and then if the NXT show ends soon enough, I’ll switch to ROH and watch the main event with Kenny and Cody (the roh show starts at 8:30 which makes me think they’re trying to have the main event start after NXT ends so people will tune in after Takeover). If not I’ll probably watch the key ROH matches later that night. Then the next day, I’ll probably just huddle up on the couch and watch Mania with the Discord again. I would go over to another friend’s place but with the main event likely ending after midnight, I’d rather not have to deal with getting home that late. I’m very much looking forward to it. With 5 hours and 10 matches on the main show, I feel like they have enough time if they don’t kill the show with extraneous segments.


That was a real awful combination of “the terror has taken me out of this joy” and also “how the hell is he winning, he should be dead, my suspension of disbelief is gone”.


I used to be a bit of a WWF fan back in the late 90’s / early-00’s! I don’t follow at all anymore, but I still find the concept FASCINATING!!! Sitcoms have taught me that husbands only go to the theater begrudgingly, but add some oily choreography and suddenly it’s an entirely different creature. Not to mention how it’s basically a soap opera, which prototypical macho men also look down on, but they are eating this shit up.

Also seeing HUGE DUDES being so silly makes me happy.


What are everyone’s thoughts on wrestlemania? I was left feeling very indifferent, and oh jeez Roman that’s a lot of blood. NXT Takeover was great though.


shinsuke match was so underwhelming but at least the heel turn happened. some good matches (ronda was a surprisingly good match) but damn the main event took the wind out of the sails and it was just so fucking awful. Terrible match and made the whole thing look bad.


A good wrestling show makes me excited to watch more wrestling, and a bad wrestling show makes me want to take a nap. I am very tired. Glad Danielson’s back. Sad Sami and Kevin are gone from his show. Glad Braun’s undeniably a babyface now.


i had the true wrestlemania experience of not being able to watch any due to time zones and having to experience it vicariously through increasingly despondent tweets, which was probably a much better time overall than watching the thing


That was a whole lot of blood from Roman & I regret paying for that. I really wish I could be positive about it like some of my friends are but alas.

Unrelated to Wrestlemania fuck Alberto Del Rio.


NXT Takeover was spectacular, maybe the best yet. I enjoyed Wrestlemania but once again I went out to a bar and watched it live so that probably helped. I was shocked in the matches I thought were a foregone conclusion (Universal and SD Women’s title matches), I really enjoyed Bryan and Ronda, am happy to see Harper and Rowan finally get the rub at Mania and it was cute to see Wyatt get cheers on the pre show. I’m interested to see where a lot of this all goes. I hope Asuka turns heel as well as the booking of her streak on the main roster has been a bit uninteresting. She’s meant to be a badass!


As someone that doesn’t watch/follow wrestling, and only gets information about from Giant Bomb and Waypoint. This image

is extremely confusing and also extremely funny. I don’t know why, but the fact that it’s just simply Nicholas just makes it so much more funny to me.


I felt there were a lot of good moments in what was otherwise a mediocre show, and the majority of them had little to do with the actual wrestling.

  • The preshow matches could have been great, but WWE presented them like an afterthought (Seriously? You’re going to cut away from Kairi’s elbow and her subsequent elimination to sell action figures?).

  • The first few matches of the main card were really good; I’m bummed to see Asuka’s streak end, but that’s mostly because I felt the finish seemed rushed in what was otherwise the best match of the night.

  • The whole sequence that was “Waiting for Godot starring John Cena” was all really dumb in the best way, and I now get why people love Elias.

  • I hate that Ronda Rousey is actually great at wrestling and put on one of the night’s highlights. Shitty person, good performer. (Honestly though, that match was probably the most exciting part of the show for me.)

  • The Nia/Alexa match should have been a 30 second squash, and the fact that it wasn’t really dragged down the rest of the show.

  • Nak/Styles was disappointing, and I have no idea how much of that is due to booking, time constraints, or the performers (probably a mix of all three). At least Shinsuke turned heel in a very good way.

  • I loved Braun pulling your new Raw Tag Team Champion, Nicholas, out of the crowd. For one: it wasn’t Hogan, and thank god for that. Also, I love it when promotions don’t take themselves so seriously, and realize that their shows are more or less the real life equivalent of action figures fighting eachother for our child-like amusement. And what better way to recognize that fact than by having the most over large boy in the company trick his way into competing for a tag team belt by himself by enlisting the aid of a small child and giving him what’s likely to be the most surreal experience of his life? That image of him and Braun walking up the ramp after winning the titles – belts around their shoulders – was so damn heart warming. For me, it was one of those “most times, wrestling is absolutely embarrassing; other times, it is the best” moments. I get that a lot of people are going to hate it, but as someone who hasn’t spent years watching this promotion, I want nothing but more of this type of wholesomeness.

  • Lesnar/Reigns. What can be said that both a “Bo-ring” and “This is awful” chant couldn’t? This was the first time I’ve seen either of the two wrestle, and I’ll never complain about dry technical matches again. The match was nothing without its finishers, and its finishers/kickouts made the match nearly unwatchable. Am I supposed to care that Reigns was able to kick out of both of Braun’s moves multiple times? Should I forget that this was Bryan’s homecoming night when Braun bled Roman the hard way? Should I still think the F5 is a powerful offense when it takes six of them to bring down an opponent? Should I even care about the build up to all of this when that story doesn’t manifest whatsoever in the match itself? There was no reason to end the night with this match other than for the fact that it was for the main show’s championship. Nobody cared – not the audience, not the bookers, and not the performers.

On a more positive note: Takeover was awesome from start to finish. I’m looking forward to what happens in the women’s division now that Shayna is champion, and if that white-hot Ciampa heat will only keep going.

And as @Moom said, fuck Del Rio (though that triple threat match in its place was just awesome!)


Real shame it ended how it did. Other than that I was convinced it was on course to be the best mania ever. If Reigns/Lesnar was like their earlier match at mania where it was real stiff and more of a brawl that would have worked.

Charlotte/Asuka was the match of the night I think followed real close by arguably the best debut anybody has ever had (Ronda, not Nicholas).

Takeover stole the weekend as per usual, I cant wait to see Undisputed Era rise in power and dominate, finally a chance for a really interesting stable.

Wonder what will happen on RAW tonight with Brock getting angry at Vince, throwing the belt and storming out? Strip him of the title and have Roman win a tournament? Who knows


NXT Takeover was nuts. Wrestlemania wasn’t great, but still fun. I love that WM is kinda like pro wrestler prom and wrestlers put in extra effort to come out in extra special ring attire. I feel like Kotaku has done a couple pieces on video game fashion, I think someone should def do a fun piece on WM entrances and ring gear.