Something About Pro Wrestling!


Also, anybody feel like sharing some matches they’ve enjoyed in the last year or two that people may not have seen?

I’ll start with this Daga vs. Hechicero match from The Crash in Tijuana on 9/8/2018. It’s maybe not what you expect from lucha libre, but it’s a really cool hard-hitting hold-for-hold grappling match.


Another match from this year that I loved was Zack Sabre Jr. vs. A-Kid in White Wolf Pro Wrestling in Spain. White Wolf is a really cool Spanish company, and some of their wrestlers like A-Kid and Carlos Romo are starting to really build names for themselves internationally. A-Kid is a wrestler who adapts really well to different styles; he does a lot of high-flying and acrobatics, but he also works extremely well with ZSJ’s grappling-heavy style.


Love you coming in with the niche stuff from Wrestling Twitter essentially. Going to throw out my own recommendation, Timothy Thatcher vs. Daniel Makabe II. You probably SHOULD watch the first match from last year (easy to find on YouTube) but the second match I think plays off the first so well. Heavy on the grappling while throwing in two characters I can roll with. More people should be talking about Makabe and honestly not exactly sure how well Thatcher is known in these parts. He’s been one of the best in the world for the past several years, employing a more meat and potatoes mat style compared to ZSJ.


I know Tim Thatcher mostly from his Ringkampf stuff (y’all have to change that name already, WALTER) but have seen some of his solo matches. I haven’t seen any Daniel Makabe, but know of him. I’ll definitely check this out.


Heartbreaking stuff on RAW last night, and that ending will go down in history.


Boy to be a fly on the wall at that company right now between Roman’s illness and the Saudi Arabia situation.


Rumors claiming Cena and Bryan are boycotting the Saudi show and pressure is being put on Vince by ‘external sources’ to pull out. Same guy who reported this reported Romans leave.


Roman thing really broke my heart. Makes me like the guy even more, I’ll be pulling for him. Didn’t see the episode (which is okay, because I don’t need any extra reasons to cry these days) but the gifs of the other thing looked cool and emotional in a different way.


WWE works best with its back against the wall. Everyone had been expecting that heel turn for ages but nobody surely anticipated it happening on Monday. I was shocked when I read about it.

Best of luck to the Big Dog. Hope he makes a full recovery and comes back to a hero’s welcome. He deserves to have it all, seems like a great dude.


Roman is a solid worker and he seems like an extra solid guy. They’ve really done him a disservice by not turning him a year or two ago, a solid heel run could have very likely killed the residual “not Daniel Bryan” heat he’s been unable to shake off. Not a new opinion but wrestling fans are fickle and he deserves to come back to the biggest pop ever.

Keeping it kayfabe I’m really glad they pulled the trigger on Dean the way that they did. Trying to be cautiously optimistic about them sticking the landing. Last time he and Seth were in a blood fued they split them up after a solid HIAC to have Seth team up with the C-tier Authority goons to eat a pin for Dolph Ziggler’s one-day Survivor Series push and Dean go on to lose to a television and a projector in a never-ending, but somehow never-getting-going, fued with Bray Wyatt.


Wanted to share another match I love from the past year. By now a lot of people know these two as an amazing tag team, but earlier this year this was the first time I’d seen Bandido, having seen a handful of amazing Flamita matches before this. They’re great as tag partners, but even better as opponents. This is a hard-hitting, high-flying, athletic match from two dudes who know each other very well.


Me: Huh, I haven’t been watching any of the new Lucha Underground season. I wonder if it manages to keep up the show’s trademark absurdity I came to love about it.


Also, anyone been watching the Mae Young classic? I went into it expecting my favorite wrestling person, Io Shirai, to steal the show from everyone, but I’ve been totally blindsided by how amazing Meiko Satomura has been throughout.


I love that Drago has little holes for his horns on his helmet.


This year’s Mae Young Classic has been really good, I like the booking and talent a lot better than last year’s.

And yeah, Meiko Satomura is the best wrestler in the world. You should absolutely watch Sendai Girls, the joshi promotion she runs. And she and two other great Sendai Girls wrestlers, Dash Chisako and Cassandra Miyagi, have some amazing matches in Chikara King of Trios 2016 and 2017. I don’t want to spoil any of the matchups, but there’s some great ones. She’s also wrestled Chris Brookes, Pete Dunne and Kay Lee Ray, and those matches are all worth seeking out.


Oh my days, Hulk Hogan hosting a PPV in Saudi Arabia weeks after a the state sanctioned the murder of a journalist and days after an all women PPV is the most 2018 thing ever


The reason they pulled the trigger on Hogan, I think at least, is because the people who would boycott Hogan are the same people who are already boycotting Crown Jewel. The people who are still watching Crown Jewel despite it being sexist and the tool of a repressive, murderous government aren’t going to care that Hogan is a piece of shit.


Oh 100%, If you’re covered in shit, whats a little bit of piss ? It’s a real shame as well because there is some interesting matches on the card.

It’s awful as I originally cancelled my sub due to WWE awful practices but recently re subbed to catch up on NXT, 205, MYC but more specifically to support NXT UK and some of the guys there I know. But in trying to support friends am I advocating for the Saudi PPV’s


Same here my wife and I cancelled the WWE network over Crown Jewel so the confirmation of Hogan was just a footnote of never signing up for it again.


I watched a little bit of the show and it was an utter shambles. Spoilers attached in case anyone cares. Shane McMahon enters the World Cup Final to replace (kayfabe) injured The Miz and beats Dolph Ziggler. Shane McMahon is the best in the world.
Brock Lesnar is your Universal Champion again after Baron Corbin screws Braun… For some reason?


My mind is still blown that they follow up their hands down best PPV all year in Evolution with such a massive PoS move. Seriously though, Evolution was great. Charlotte vs. Becky needs to be on every MotY shortlist, the opening match was really cool and the battle royal was one of the coolest matches of that type they’ve ever done. Also, the fact that the last three contenders were women of color made me legit tear up.