Something About Pro Wrestling!


Hey, Waypoint is a progressive site and cares about business practices of our favorite capitalistic entertainment enterprises so thought I’d bring up the recent situation happening with the WWE in the UK. I recommend reading this

What they are doing is signing up a whole lot of European talent to deals that give the WWE a whole lot of control on what they can do. WWE has been stockpiling talent for the past 5 or so years in a big way and now they essentially have control of an entire scene that was thriving after being in the dark for so long. With WWE having the ability to purchase the two biggest UK promotions at any time means they could clear the way for their NXT UK brand which hasn’t taken off the way they expected. Presumably because they are accessible elsewhere.

So hey, curious of your thoughts on the WWE pretty much enforcing an iron grip on continually growing area for wrestling.


It’s repugnant, imo. They’ve basically read the room and realized that the casual crowds are dying out and soon they will be fighting the growing indy scenes over the same audience. What Trips has been doing is no different from what Vince did back in the 80’s with the territories. He’s raiding the competition and trying to establish a new monopoly. It bothers me a great deal, because so much of the “Papa Haitch is bringing in all your favorite Indy stars” schpiel is just a different way of saying “Hi, we’re actively cannibalizing the market” and people are eating it up.


Monopolizing the wrestling scene isn’t great, it certainly kills competition. But their will always be local indies to go see. Zack Gibson and James Drake both signed to NXT UK, run the school I train at but also run shows every 2/3 months with some pretty big indy names and then local talent and people coming up in the school. Then we Have TNT in Liverpool also, so we have 2 promotions here alone that are both seemingly doing well.

A new indy darling will always come along, Daniel Bryan, Steen, Generico, Devitt, Styles, Ricochet, Cole. There will always be talent coming through, just be sure to support it, the British scene at the moment is still amazing


It’s true indy wrestling won’t die any more than DIY music won’t die when bands get signed, but wwe has been particularly bad the past few years in signing a ton of talent and really letting them sink once they hit the main roster. They’re hoarding talent, which is harmful to wrestling overall imo.

What they did in the UK is just gross. The scene started to get off the ground and once someone started a TV show there wwe moved in and signed a few dozen of the best UK wrestlers to likely pretty low paying contracts if they’re anything like US nxt to quash World of Sports momentum. it’s gross imperialism.


Oh yeah, the World of Sports connection is the most laughable and gross part. NXT UK only comes because World of Sport was coming back. At least at the speed it did. The rush starts during a World of Sport holiday special…but then it stops more or less because WoS might not air an actual series. Welp, when it looks like something will come you NXT UK has to pick up steam again and start recording tapings. Tapings that sit on the shelves because WoS doesn’t look like it is being successful. And now they’ve started again seemingly because they already put the wheels in motion and now they have to go again.

And indie wrestling won’t die but UK indie wrestling was reaching certain unexpected heights. This is going to hit that rather hard. And if you don’t want to be tied in with the WWE? Well that’s highly unfortunate.


Just want to state I don’t think what WWE has done here is all positive. It’s a gross use of their market share. But it’s hard to argue with the talent who have literally give blood, sweat and tears to get that WWE contract.

It sure as hell sucks when a performer is destroyed or swallowed by WWE as well. Seeing Shinsuke, Itami, Balor, Zayn, Owens, and Roode all linger in a weird limbo. There’s literal too many cooks.

But on the other hand, there’s never been a better time for those who want to give it a try in Indies and succeed. Drew Galloway, Cody, Juice all doing/done great stuff far from WWE