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AEW hit some real buzzword dingers in that press conference like “men and women will have equal pay” , “Wrestlers will be paid better” and the classic “Wins and losses will matter more than ever”. Last one is more of a funny product selling point as that as a near constant for any alternative in the past decade. The first was phrased in a way that will assuredly be proven wrong and the second is a big ???


A UK performance center has been revealed so that could be pretty cool for the UK talent


UK Takeover was really good, tag match stole the show for me.

Is it just me but WALTER wearing that -definitely not an SS officer- jacket really make anyone uncomfortable


i didn’t watch that show but WALTER and his old stable Ringkampf have always been a bit fash as part of their heel act. It’s really not a great look and is why i’ve never really been a fan despite how good their matches are.


Yikes. I’d only ever seen his Wembley Progress match. But yikes, I mean it’s easy heel work but it’s no better than the middle eastern heel


I wrote a piece about one of my favorite matches, if anyone is interested.


Did anybody catch my boy Eric Bugenhagen’s TV debut on NXT? He’s a former UW-Madison wrestler and bodybuilder.

What he lacks in experience he makes up for in sheer physique and CHARM.

He got beat pretty handily by drew gulak (also my boy), but i think the crowd really loved him.


Bracket for the New Japan Cup has been released:

Really surprised to see Naito vs. Ibushi in the first round, as I thought they’d want to keep the hopes of both of them winning alive for longer, but I can’t complain because that’s guaranteed to be a banger.

Also looking forward to Nagata/Ishii, Elgin/Okada, Juice/Chase, Ospreay/Fale, Tanahashi/Umino, EVIL/Sabre, and Goto/SANADA throughout the first round.

Lots of first-time entrants this year: Chase, Mikey Nicholls, Hikuleo, Ospreay, Henare, Umino, Finlay, and Cabana.

Very clear they see Umino as a future star as they match him with Tanahashi in the first round.

I was a big fan of TMDK before they went to NXT and was bummed they weren’t really used more, so I’m happy to see Mikey Nicholls getting a shot in New Japan and I hope he does well.


It excites me this doc hits on the queerness of the story


In case anyone forgot, WWE is bad.


Any hype for the upcoming WrestleMania weekend?

I think Mania itself looks pretty bad and is guaranteed to be entirely too long, so I don’t think I’ll even bother hate-watching it this year.

I’m not really invested in NXT but the Takeover card looks to be everything that Mania isn’t, with everything having a clear purpose and a compact running time. Takeovers basically always deliver and good chance it’ll at least be in the top 3 shows of the weekend.

But with New Japan being my favorite promotion, the show I’m most looking forward to is the G1 Supercard in MSG. I think New Japan really overdelivered on the card. The Tanahashi/ZSJ and Ibushi/Naito singles matches are one that they could’ve easily saved for later shows in Japan, but I think New Japan really wants to generate some buzz and goodwill for the American fans, and try to steal the weekend.

After an awesome New Japan Cup, I am beyond excited for that Jay White vs. Okada main event. The story between Okada and White has been building for over a year now and I think it’s been done pretty much perfectly. And even though I think it would be an awesome storytelling bit here if Okada just loses again after winning the Cup, I just know that the incredible moment of Okada regaining the title in MSG is gonna be too good of one for New Japan to pass up.

Plenty of indie shows over the weekend too, as always with Mania weekend. Lots of really shitty promotions putting out garbage cards, but there should be some really fun cards from the heavy hitters like WWN, RevPro, Wrestlecon, etc. Pretty big bummer about the Dragon Gate guys not being able to make it over because of visa issues though.


I’m looking forward to Mania. It goes on forever but me and my mate will likely have a few drinks and black out roughly 40% of the way through. Genuinely unsure now how they might go with any of the three main championship matches all of which will be a good watch.

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Yeah I’m looking forward to it, Mania can be bad but something interesting usually always happens. Plus I think if any of the top 3 manage a win it’ll be pretty cool.

I’m also looking forward to Joe Vs Rey and the rumoured Reigns Vs Drew (because I’m praying Drew beats him because of rings rust and we’ll the dude fought cancer and in anger and frustration Reigns turns heel and assault Drew)

In regards to NXT I’m hyped, anything with Velveteen Dream (the best pro wrestler in the world) and I’m in!

Also Raw and Smackdown are usually fun but all the Indies that week are all great fun.

Looking forward to a local show where PAC Vs Pentagon Jr

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Jon Oliver did a piece on WWE!

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As a big indie wrestling fan I think the whole weekend should have plenty of quality Content being pumped out. Now, I don’t know if we are going to be given many great top-to-bottom shows but I think that is the case of many bookers/promoters not knowing how to build out a card. I’m going to do a quick breakout of my most anticipated matches of the week.

Daniel Makabe vs. Fred Yehi (Pizza Party 4/3)
Yep, Mania weekend is Mania week at this point now ranging from Wednesday of this week til Smackdown of next week. Yehi is the more familiar name, having wrestled for EVOLVE, wXw, RPW, and all around in general. Makabe is definitely a niche wrestler wrestling primarily out of the Pacific Northwest promotion 3-2-1 BATTLE! promotion. Both among the top tier of technical wrestlers on the planet right now. Seems like Makabe is finally getting a bigger push outside of his home base and I couldn’t think of a better match for him to kick off Mania week. This won’t be airing live but hearing this will be released not too long after the event takes place. Linking to his original match against Timothy Thatcher which I think is required viewing for him.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Hideki Suzuki (GCW 4/4)
Yeah, so I’m into the grappling stuff. Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport last year was not only my Show of the Weekend but also Show of the Year. I don’t expect this to be any different and this match is a big part why. Hideki Suzuki is a modern day Billy Robinson or at least that gives you a frame of reference. Thatcher has found a new life after EVOLVE in Europe, being treated as the top tier wrestler that he is. Expect these two to try and grind each other out. Exactly what I want from my pro wrestling.

Gary Jay vs. Jake Parnell (IWTV 4/4)

For those that don’t know, Independent Wrestling TV is a streaming platform for numerous indies including Beyond Wrestling, Glory Pro, CHIKARA on occasion, Black Label Pro, and the list goes on and on. Jay and Parnell haven’t wrestled on all of these shows but they have an extensive rivalry that has crossed many of these promotions. One of things I love about indie wrestling is the touring match. With the current landscape you can’t often take a rivalry and move it to different territories, attempting to adapt to a crowd that may or may not know the background. You can’t do that with the WWE because there isn’t a territory to tour, audiences aren’t really segmented like that. You can do it with NJPW to a degree because you can run matches in affiliate promotions but it doesn’t have the same feel. It is more that they are taking a NJPW match they know people like it putting it in different promotions. Lee vs. Hiromu is probably the best example of an actual touring match from them and even then it is loose.

Jay and Parnell our known going all out, doing some of the most ill-advised stuff that doesn’t wander into deathmatch territory. They get to main event a show meant to highlight what indie wrestling is more or less about.

Will try and add to this later with matches like LA Park vs. Masato Tanaka and Eddie Kingston vs. Shinjiro Otani

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Watched this last night. Really informative and funny. I did hear that fans on Reddit were planning to organize chants for Wrestlemania. I hope it works out and I’ll def be paying attention.

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I’m really looking forward to Takeover! By all accounts it looks like an extremely solid card, even if parts of it were thrown together at the last minute. Even so, Cole v. Gargano seems like a pretty dang good audible. Plus having the queen of moonsaults, Io Shirai, in a title match against Kairi, Shayna, and Bianca is such a good match on paper that the rest of the show could be nothing but Kona Reeves cutting an hour-and-a-half-long promo, and I’d still be excited.


Incase anyone is interested, a couple folks on the discord have shared interest in a prediction form. I’ve done the Takeover one and in the process of the Mania one (I’m very bored in work).

Join in, have some fun

NXT Takeover



If anybody has already submitted an answer, if you don’t mind could you resubmit as I had no way of seeing who answered what and declaring a winner. I’m so sorry folks



I’m feeling hella emotional. That match was nuts.