Something About Pro Wrestling!


AEW hit some real buzzword dingers in that press conference like “men and women will have equal pay” , “Wrestlers will be paid better” and the classic “Wins and losses will matter more than ever”. Last one is more of a funny product selling point as that as a near constant for any alternative in the past decade. The first was phrased in a way that will assuredly be proven wrong and the second is a big ???


A UK performance center has been revealed so that could be pretty cool for the UK talent


UK Takeover was really good, tag match stole the show for me.

Is it just me but WALTER wearing that -definitely not an SS officer- jacket really make anyone uncomfortable


i didn’t watch that show but WALTER and his old stable Ringkampf have always been a bit fash as part of their heel act. It’s really not a great look and is why i’ve never really been a fan despite how good their matches are.


Yikes. I’d only ever seen his Wembley Progress match. But yikes, I mean it’s easy heel work but it’s no better than the middle eastern heel