Sometimes, You Have to Accept Some Games Aren't Made For You


I can't help but wince at all my friends playing the 'Destiny 2' raid, but that's life.

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I feel this - I see so much Destiny content on every form of social media at the moment and sure, there’s a bit of FOMO but I mostly experience indifference


Same, but for anime games.


The main thing I think about here, which Patrick is alluding to in the article, is that games are not always all that “life-friendly”. Games can be life-friendly by having things like the ability to pause gameplay, drop in and out without consequence, or just having smaller time requirements between checkpoints or such. Destiny has long time requirements for things like strikes or especially raids and has no ability to pause the game which is especially hard as a parent.

I’m lucky that I have a partner who will be in charge of the kid while I play games ( i have to schedule my game playing around this), but I often play my switch without setting up a “Who will be in charge” conversation because I can just put it to sleep if I need to deal with life things, and immediately resume when I am done dealing with things.

Its a bummer that some of my favorite games aren’t all that life-friendly (Destiny 2 right now, the Dark Souls series and especially Bloodborne, PUBG for sure) but I’m not sure what they could always do to fix that. This really just points to the strength of a system like the Switch which is geared toward quickly pausing and quickly resuming gameplay, as being a lot more friendly toward my lifestyle.


We all have different life styles and many games aren’t going to fit at times. The best you can do is structure your free time to a game if you can and best not to be negative to a game that isn’t going to work out for in if your job is about games.


Yeah, I’ve had to basically cut out all competitive multiplayer games because I simply can’t put in the hours to master and maintain the necessary skills. Between kids and exercise, the time just isn’t there. On a weekly basis I hover over the buy button for both Overwatch and PUBG, but end up falling back on playing games with save features…


Too true. I often think about playing PUBG alot more than I play PUBG too. I rarely have the 30 minute requirement to play a match. I guess PUBG isn’t made for me but its such a good game though!


I’m not sure how positive i am on framing this as part of the notion of whether games are made or nor for any of us, because frankly games are made for very few people. There might have been a better way to approach this.


I feel like the Waypoint staff is often feeling intense dread on the idea of missing out even a tiny bit of nerd culture. Might be the third related article in the past few months.


I find that Overwatch is pretty good in several minute bursts, especially as a non-competitive player


That is my whole philosophy (with games), learning to let go, to chill, enjoy what I enjoy and not what is hot or not.

Classics, the whole hype, zeitgeist, all fine, sure, respect and all, but I’ll beat you with a stick if you try to convince me that I must play “X” because… reasons.

Especially nowadays, I watch videos, I read articles, reviews, press releases, dev diaries, discussions, marketing, and what not, if it doesn’t move me, it doesn’t move me and I’ll go my own way.

(suddenly, I’m reminded of everytime I talk what movies I’ve never watched, people react like I’m some kind of alien.:sweat_smile:)


PREACH, YO. If your wants for a particular game encroach on other players’ enjoyment, you’re the one that has to step down. Best case scenario you just end up screaming into the void as everyone ignores you, worst case scenario the devs listen and everyone has a slightly worse time just so you can join in. Unfortunately it’s a mistake a lot of people, myself included, keep making even when though we know it’s Bad. The best think to do is catch yourself whining quickly and make an exit.


This was me with anything Souls, though I’m making a point of beating Bloodborne one day if only for the story and aesthetic. I don’t have the fast reflexes or the sheer patience required to make it through those games solo. I don’t begrudge anyone who’s into them, though, and can definitely see why folks find them intensely rewarding.


It’s how I’ve been feeling for the last decade about open world games that place more emphasis on player freedom and narrative than on challenge and mechanical innovation. I’ve largely made peace with the fact that these games just aren’t for me. The pill that’s hardest to swallow is the fact that so much of the industry has shifted in that direction that it’s hard not to feel somewhat left behind by the industry that I supported so much when it was still relatively niche.


I don’t have a child, and the thought that I would spend 6+ hours, or even 3+ hours, on a single raid in one game just seems alien to me now. I don’t even want to do it, it seems like a waste of time, which just indicates to me that I’ve become one of those dreaded Old People I’ve heard so much about.