"Song/Movie/Game of the Summer" and what that means to you!


So I’ve been listening to Donald Glover’s Summer Pack and been thinking a lot about this idea of music and media identifying a season or having a string association to a season Maybe it’s just corporate pushing but it feels like there’s this goal of being “The song of the summer” or “The Summer Blockbuster” and I never really see that for any other seasons. I suppose it’s because, in the US at least, we associate the season with leisure, and that’s the easiest time to sell people on fun, feel-good music? Probably the same for big, dumb action films as well?

Anyways, it got me thinking about what Summer music meant for me, and I realized Summer is when I usually start branching out or listening to more experimental music, or returning prog-rock. It’s when I dust of my old Spock’s Beard and Beardfish albums, but also dive into Danny Brown again. For games it means long, sprawling games and deep dives into competetive games. Movies it doesn’t mean all that much though.

I’m wondering:

  • Do the seasons change your tastes in what you want to listen to, watch, or play?
  • What sort of things do you find yourself listening to/watching/or playing in the Summer?
  • Is “Get Lucky” eternally The Song of The Summer?


Damn, was coming here to post a get lucky joke. Now I have to say something mildly on topic like “I find myself often thinking such and such is an autumn song or a summer movie, but my tastes don’t always shift accordingly. Like right now I’m in a very musically autumn mood even though it is summer”
My current autumn music includes: Waxhatchee, various friends at the table soundtracks, and Neko Case


i dont necessarily associate alot of media with summer, but im physically unable to listen to Bon Iver when the weather is above 60ºF and/or the trees have more than half their leaves


I too came here to say “Song of the Summer” starts and ends with Get Lucky.

As for games of summer, I just think of “Summer of Arcade” games from across the years. Bastion, Monday Night Combat, MvC2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Geometry Wars 2, Castle Crashers, etc. etc.

I miss those days.


I have a friend who decided that going forward that every season he would pick a different flavor of Monster so that he would remember it in the future every time he had one.

His summer 2018 Monster is the Juice flavor.


My legit song of the summer every summer is “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” by Jamie xx, Young Thug & Popcaan. The summer it came out was when my partner and I were going on a lot of road trips, so it ended up on repeat so often that we are reminded about the summer of 2015 whenever it comes on.


Castle Crashers was a big summer game for me on the PS3. When it came out my neighbor would come over almost daily and we’d play it. In the same way many Nintendo multiplayer games I associate with summer


I love summer jams, I made a facebook group where people just posted summer jams throughout the summer that would get revived yearly for a couple years. The summer is when I start listening to more pop and R&B and lessharsh electronic music or ambient stuff.

This year the song of the summer is undeniable imo and I always appreciate when the song that gets played everywhere is something I’m actually into

Respect your queen of summertime.

As far as albums go, DJ Koze’s Knock Knock, Kali Uchis’ Isolation, Rico Nasty’s Nasty and Key’s 777 are all getting a lot of play from me.


Night in the Woods is the most autumn-ass game I’ve ever seen and I’ve been patiently waiting for October just so I could give it another playthrough (I’m sorry gregg I’ll hang out with you more this time)

Otherwise I have a habit of getting back into Skyrim during the winter where I can curl up inside and simulate trudging through a hazardous frozen wasteland. No idea why I get the urge to do it.

Summer though? I’m not completely sure. Still have good memories of the xbox live summer of arcade stuff they did a while back so I associate a lot of smaller indie stuff with summer, also given that I have generally less free time around now to dig into really huge expansive open-world stuff. Generally a lull in releases like that this time of year anyway, so it works out.

Summer songs though? This shit right here, all the way


Sorry in advance.


My song of this summer is definitely Screwed by Janelle Monae. That album is so perfect, and this is my favorite song especially since it allows me to blow off some steam when I get really frustrated with the world we’re living in. (Nice for What by Drake feat. Big Freedia is a close runner-up)

As for other seasons, I really get into the femme singer-songwriter/alt rock musicians when fall and winter roll around. It’s perfect music to listen to at a coffee shop while reading comics or just enjoying the overcast weather. Mitski, Bon Iver, FKA Twigs, Frank Ocean, Jay Som, and Solange are just a few examples.


I alternate between (Ni**as in Paris by Jay Z and Kanye West) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG_dA32oH44 and (A Milli by Lil Wayne) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2fMTuRbRTY as my summer songs. I also only play them in the summer.


I’m a HUGE seasonal media person - I go whole hog on “autumn” aesthetics and my Spooky playlist is one of my favorites - at least in part because I don’t get to listen to it for 9-10 months out of the year.
Summer in particular finds me craving RPGs - the most recent pokemon generation was perfect for this, especially with the Pacific Island theme.
Musically, I’m a very easy sell for “songs of the summer”. It’s a season I actually focus in on the rise of new music entering my life and sort through what I love, what I’ll entertain, and what is maybe not needed any more. It’s less an album season and more a playlist season.


I live for the summertime funtime! I’m always on the lookout for new summer jams so thanks to everyone for sharing!

What’s your summer mood? I got jams for all of them.

Would be remiss not to mention “Good As Hell” by Lizzo. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the surf rock vibes of “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE or the youthful exuberance of “Pool Party” by The Aquabats!


I love this a lot, and also the background keyboards sound kiiiiiiinda like some of the music from the 4th Gen Pokemon games?


i’m ashamed to admit that i never really understood the whole “song of the summer” concept. is the “song of the summer” like the song you hear most at barbecues if you live in an area where you can only do things outside in the summer? i live in america and i work all year long and everybody i know works all year long. in my world (perhaps duller than some other worlds) there isn’t a crazy uptick in parties or mood or vacations or anything in the summer.

i live in california and it’s generally hot in the summer and i’d rather be inside with AC most of the time. i like to watch christmas movies during the summer. i miss winter.


LFO’s summer girls might be worth listening to.


Same here! I love Dirty Computer, but this song in particular is the one I have on repeat most of the time. It’s this call for a celebration of life, queerness and community in the face of nihilism that still manages to feel empowering and liberating.

My runner-up would be I Like It by Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin:


I’ve also been listening to Simmer Pack and I think it perfectly encapsulates the “summer song” in that it’s almost guaranteed to be good for hot, sunny days. There’s a sense of optimism to good summer music, most of the time. My litmus test would probably be: can I play this song at a barbecue outside?

My favorite summer album is probably Acid Rap, with it’s generally upbeat nature, even if one particular line doesn’t sit particularly well with time.(It’s the gay slur line on Favorite Song). I particularly like Acid Rap also because it takes a different approach to “summer time” music on the song Pusha Man which is somehow a song about the uptick in murders in summer that still manages to feel like it takes place on a hot night.
If you couldn’t tell by my avatar, I really like Acid Rap.

I will say that my favorite summer song is probably Slide by Calvin Harris with Frank Ocean, Quavo, and Migos.

I do ultimately prefer winter to summer, though that’s because I live in the Bay Area, where winter isn’t particularly miserable and summer is a mild annoyance.


I’m in the Southern Hemisphere so we are in the middle of winter. Right now I’m all about lighting the fire, pouring a glass of red and listening to ‘Ye’.


“Summer games” to me are the games that I put endless amounts of time into when I was younger and had those three glorious months of vacation to sit and just… do nothing. Theyre a very personal thing.

I think the biggest one though is Halo 3, which became a fixture of many summers, where myself and several friends would pack into my best buds basement and play splitscreen for what seemed like forever. We each had accounts on his 360 with our unique colours, armor, callsigns and emblems and we even went so far as to get into a weird kind of roleplay with it where each of our soldiers had a personality to go with our prefered loadouts. It was always there to help us waste away the dog days even years after initial release.

“Summer Songs” are a bit different. There are songs that define a summer in a broad context. Get Lucky is one of these. It defines a moment in time, and it seems like all of music for that summer exists in relation to the jam. It’s remembered by culture at large. Then there are the personal summer jams, the ones that define the individual and the moment they’re in. For me right now that’s Nevermine by Forth Wanderers, which came around at just the right time to encapsulate the feelings I was having and the mood I was in starting the summer, and continues to define the season for me.