Songs That You Like From Bands That You Don't


Hello everyone. Has anyone ever only like a song or a couple of songs from a band or group? I used to like Coldplay when I was younger, but I only like a couple of Coldplay songs now. This also happens to me with pop music quite a bit as well, but that seems less surprising to me for some reason.


NAV might be the most annoying fucboi that ever came out of Toronto, but his latest single has been in my head all week:


Incredibly relevant. Coheed and Cambria are the worst. However I like a good sized handful of their songs.


Your post reminded me that I should have actually put a link for a few songs as examples. Whoops! I really like Midnight by Coldplay. There is a rapper called Viper that I find humorous, but there are a couple of songs that I actually genuinely like. Here is one of them:


I dunno man, our rap scene seems to be exclusively comprised of fuccbois. Nav has a ton of competition.


For whatever reason, the only artist I can seem to pull this from was early '90s band EMF, who made I think one really good song, Children, which is excruciatingly cheesy but I love it regardless.


First of all, EMF was the first CD I ever bought, and if you’re trying to say Unbelievable was not a good song, we’re gonna have to have words. I still remember every lyric. That is a great freaking tra—

Ok, nevermind.

As for the original question: I really, really dislike most pop-country music, but I had a friend in college who loved Garth Brooks, and even I have to admit that this is a damn good song:


It’s really hard for me to strongly dislike musical artists in an age where I basically am never forced to listen to music I don’t choose to, but I recently rediscovered Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby” and it’s kind of just a bubbly upbeat remake of The Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place” (the keyboard solo even comes in the exact same point) with some super early-90’s production that at one point I’d have found grating but now find super appealing. THAT HARD-ASS SNARE.

It helps that the video is super dorky and joyful.

So I thought “Huh, do I actually really like Amy Grant?” But I gave her a shot and, this song aside, I really do not.


True enough, but few have as corny lines as Nav and fewer still have a name similar to mine. I might be feeling a little called out by him. :grimacing:

@tronotized: Not sure if this is true for everyone, but I can’t view the link you posted.


I quite dislike a lot of Hair Metal but I’ll admit Dr. Feelgood fuckin slaps.

Another one is Muse’s Knights of Cydonia. As kid, Muse were my favorite band, as they were one of the few hard rock bands that would be played on the radio. Now, as an adult, I think they’re pretty lame. This is one of the few songs I still really like by them as they replace their usual message of “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!” in favor of “Let’s be cowboys!”


I had heard the ‘Unbelievable’ line from that song but I had never heard the full song before. The Wikipedia page for that song is interesting. Also I remember hearing someone covering that Garth Brooks song when I went with my high school orchestra to Branson, Missouri.


That piano part in the Amy Grant song reminded me of two other songs that sound similar: Huey Lewis And The News I Want A New Drug and Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters


@Navster I apologize for the busted link. I live in the United States and sometimes the youtube videos are only allowed to be seen in a particular country or region. Maybe this Spotify link might work? Let me know if it doesn’t work.

@TheDesusAndMeroChain That Motley Crue song reminded me of Crue Ball, a pinball game for the Sega Genesis that has a handful of popular Motley Crue songs remade for this game, which sound really cool. Check it out.


Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is a mess and ‘West Coast’ is the only good song on it, but it is a really good song. The progression of it is fantastic and for an album where I found her vocals were not utilized well, she hits her stride with this one.


There’s not alot of those on my list. I’m looking through my Spotify list and there’s only one coming to mind: Rod Stewart’s “Young Turks”. I’ve tried multiple times to get in his music, but something about his voice doesn’t do it for me except for this one song. It also helped that I listened to it frequently on GTA: San Andreas.