Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is so good


I decided to give this game a shot and … Wow! It’s so good. Just needed to get that out of my system. No nuance or hot takes.

What’s your favorite arcade/kart racer?


I may have spent big portions of my honeymoon playing Sonic All Stars on Vita. I regret nothing.


my favorite Kart Racer is Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. then Mario Kart 8.then Sonic and All Stars Racing.

I love Sumo Digital. they made a very good version of Outrun 2, did a little big planet, and Snake Pass. also some peeps from Bizarre and Black Rock came over during Transformed development and you can tell.


Yeah this game is my favorite kart racer, too. I love the seamless transitioning between the different vehicle types and how the tracks transform over the course of a race. It looks and runs great on PC even with 4-player split screen. The only thing kind of rough about it for me is teaching it to new players is more of a bumpy experience since they don’t know what the power-ups are.


It also has one of my favorite legal/copyright screens I’ve ever seen in a game.


Yep, give me some Transformed karting fun. Top of the list (and often on sale for pennies) thanks to some great work from Sumo Digital and Richard Jacques (remixing it up).


I remember enjoying the first game a lot, mostly I remember Bentley Jones’ doing the theme and it being a banger.

I’ll have to pick this up in a lull of game releases at some point.


one of my favorite details is the things the announcer says when you start turning his voice down in the settings


*cough*“Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed” for free*cough*


I remember this game being free for a weekend and me a and a few friends downloading it so we could make fun of it. But we all ended up buying it within an hour cause we all liked it so much. It feels a really good niche of kart racing on pc that for some reason never actually caught on. Only problem I have with it is that sega never made the xenomorph a playable character.