Sonic's Movie Design Leaked


It’s a lot.

Why are his hands white fur? He is clearly wearing gloves in the games, why did they do this?

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man everyone who was complaining about the detective pikachu shit needs to sit the fuck down because this is some real cursed shit

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This boy is honestly beautiful in comparison


I know some people may say this is like a “bad opinion” or “completely absurd and wrong” or whatever, but I don’t think it looks terrible.

This is the strongest endorsement I could imagine.

I won’t be taking any further questions. Thank you.


There’s something very upsetting about how his legs connect to his torso.


It’s oddly fitting that Sonic, in his feature film debut, would be a dead ringer for the worst Dragon Ball character

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I wonder how the reactions would’ve been, if they would’ve just released a trailer for this movie, instead of teasing how Sonic looks.

Alternatively, I wonder how people would’ve reacted, if detective Pikachu would’ve been announced in the way this Sonic movie is.

Either way, I’m really glad we get strange looking CGI videogame movie adaptations.

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I actually don’t hate it as a design except for the legs. The legs are horrifying.


Okay, I just had a thought.

They’re making a Super Mario movie right?

Considering the trend with fuzzy Pokemon and now with that very Fuzzy Sonic the Hedgehhog.

How likely is it that CGI-Mario’s clothes will just be differently coloured fur?


i hate this horrid bastard rodent with my life



It’s literally the design Rafa Grasetti put on his Instagram in his Smash fan art series


I’d rather not escape the city honestly… This is the worst thing I’ve seen in Match already.


I’m sorry, y’all, but the more I look at this design the more my soul is at peace with it.

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Given the climate surrounding my original statement my legal counsel has advised me not to publicly discuss who may or may not be the “worst” Dragon Ball character.


Somehow it’s…not as bad as I thought it would be? I mean it could be so much worse. It’s just. Fine. It’s fine.


Do you think there will be a tie in game?

Will Smash players be able to redeem a movie ticket stub for a skin that makes Sonic look like this?

Was there strong competition for shoe sponsorship?

Will I be able to go into an Academy or Famous Footwear and ask for a pair of “Speedy shoes”?

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Bring :clap: back :clap: Soaps.


Sonic is hands down the best character who has received the worst treatment by people working with the IP. And I include most of the games in that. Sonic 2 is an incredible game, but I’m currently playing Sonic 3 (on the DS collection, ryanreynoldsinvoluntaryshudder.gif) and for a franchise that’s all about momentum, the game sure likes stopping you in your tracks.

Sonic Mania is also obnoxiously hard, in my opinion. A game for very practiced players only. I wish I didn’t buy it digitally…

I love Sonic 2, Sonic Generations, and the UK Sonic the Comic (everybody check that out) but I can’t think of another use of the character I’d recommend…


Have you played Colours? I liked Generations a lot but i feel like Colours did that style of gameplay much better and had more interesting levels too.