Sony Drops First Look at 'Last of Us II' With Violent Gameplay Trailer

While I agree that the fridging is bad, I found it odd that this moment would be put in the trailer. If I know she’s going to die, why should I care about her or her relationship with the protagonist? I dont know why but I really liked the horses. I dont feel like horses come up enough in post apocalyptic games.

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Isn’t Joel the one talking to her in the announcement trailer where Ellie is already on a rampage? I mean, I guess they never actually show him, so it could be somebody else… who sounds like Joel.

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Yes, the first game had moments of hope and compassion. The first trailers famously had Joel popping off an NPC’s kneecap during a torture scene.

gritty voice “Hey Ellie, I’m Joel’s previously unmentioned younger brother Koel. You ready to revenge kill some zombies?”


I’ve gotta ask at this point: What was anyone realistically expecting from a game series that cribs from The Walking Dead? The one thing every zombie game in the past decade or two has had in common (as long as it wasn’t RE, which is basically its own continuity devoured genre by now) is that every person is a huge asshole, the zombie hordes rarely matter in the narrative beyond being the bad thing that gave people license to be awful, and the only thing you can count on are Gun.

I think Dying Light’s DLC is the only exception, but it had to go in an extremely nihilist direction to make that ending it had even work.

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Didn’t someone bring up the “Bury Your Gays” trope to Druckmann after the E3 reveal last year? I remember Austin being disappointed by the response when they were talking about it on the podcast.

When they showed the initial trailer my first guess was it was about the jealous boyfriend (Jesse) killing his ex (Dina) and Ellie going out for revenge. But I feel like there’s something about Dina which seems sinister, and might turn out to be the antagonist as a swerve.


They said the theme for this game is going to be “hate” (which is weird after the first game imo). Let’s hope that it turns this theme on its head in the end, but the marketing makes me doubt that. To be fair, it is just the marketing but still.

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So, so disappointed in the direction this game is going. I get that it can’t be a total love-fest, but can’t love endure without assassination? Without making queer people suffer over and over?


This game kinda reminds me of 28 Weeks Later, which was a really great movie… up until the zombies showed up. Then the script just kinda collapses and the movie gives up.

I read someone recently claim 28 Weeks Later was better than 28 Days and I’m desperate to remember so I can shove their head down a toilet.

That first scene is such an amazing start to the film, that it kind of colors the rest of the mediocre movie with its brilliance.

But hey, without 28 Weeks later we wouldn’t have the Jeremy Renner app, so that’s something.


I agree with the people saying that the staging in the trailer is really suspicious. It implies a lot but doesn’t even really give a reason as to why things are happening? According to the wiki page for the sequel I guess there’s a cult or something? Which I feel like is a weird direction to go and a very hand wave-y excuse for a villain to just shove into your world.
Joel showing up as like ‘good ol’ dad’ in the trailer instead of following up on the stuff he did in the first game is making me feel like I may have just misread the story or something.

Only thing I’d even be curious about at this point is the multiplayer which I feel got overlooked in the original but was really solid. The metagame stuff was kinda bunk but give me more multiplayer games that are slower paced where you have like four bullets.


Honestly, I can’t imagine that anyone who read Waypoint’s 2018 E3 interview of the Last Of Us folks is surprised right now. For anyone who doesn’t remember, when they were asked about the trope of killing queer characters, a TLOU rep said

I felt like that gave the game away immediately.


“Nothing we can do about this shitty thing” says man in charge.


Anyone who has even an iota of hope for Naughty Dog subverting anything at all has not paid attention to anything Naughty Dog has ever done. The closest they ever got was commenting on their absurd third act supernatural twists in Uncharted games by having an absurd third act supernatural twist which was actually just a drug trip.

I’m trying not to be too harsh, but this game (and the first one, which is uhh not good) honestly feels to me like a real waste of talent. There’s no denying that Naughty Dog’s team is full of brilliant animators and designers who consistently push Sony’s hardware to the limit in incredibly impressive ways, and them being given a project that entails them modeling brutal ultra violence in what is a completely dull, unoriginal world for the second time is a real shame to me. Leaning into the “hateful vengeance” angle for the sequel in a series that is already bursting with apocalypse cliches seems like another completely safe choice, and I don’t see anything to look forward to given what they’ve shown so far.


So rob made a point in a podcast about how easy it is to turn on your old opinions and lie to yourself that you never liked a thing once you tip over the line of not liking something now.
But someone else in this thread said naughty dog peaked at jak and daxter and I kind of agree. The world of uncharted never appealed and the first trailer of last of us made sure I never played that game. I already don’t like zombie fiction and I don’t like “realistic” gore shooters so that was out. And now it’s all doubling down.
And I believe that they’ll twist and keep a gay alive somewhere so they can dunk on the SJWs and say “yall got mad and didnt even play the game.” But sometimes marketing is important. When you show the world something you can’t get mad that they judge it based on what you show them. It’s okay to be excited from a trailer but it’s not okay to be turned off by one.
But this looks gross in a very performative way. I’m surprised to see so much backlash here because so many people LOVE dark stories. I’ve always hated them, but I’m an outlier. People love the original last of us. they love walking dead. They love bleak worlds where everyone is fucking miserable and any act of decent humanity is immediately punished by gruesome and horrifying death or a betrayal that leads to a slower gruesome and horrifying death. It’s part of this larger culture that truly believes the best fiction is fiction that makes you feel bad.
Anyway, Jak II was the sign everyone should’ve followed that naughty dog was poop. I wrote a review of that game for my school newspaper tearing it to shreds for taking a fun cute series and turning it into a joyless gta clone, and it looks like they’re taking an already bleak series and turning it into a more joyless version of itself.


They were wise enough to course correct and make Jak 3 after that at least, but it seems Naughty Dog today doesn’t have that same interest. I always thought people went way too gaga over The Last Of Us back in the day, and I feel more justified in that opinion the more time passes and the more we realize just how bad the modern zombie story is.

That’s an excellent point. I quite liked the first game (and loved the DLC, which showed Naughty Dog is capable of touching and sweet storytelling). I’m thinking misdirection here.