Sony @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Waypoint Forum’s discussion of E3 2018. This is the official thread for talk about the Sony press conference and the games discussed and announced during that press conference. It can also contain discussion of further coverage of those games or companies that appears in later days. We want to contain overlap and multiple threads so please contain all discussion of Sony to this thread.
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“Everyone in this room is staring at you.”

Well she was just asking at conversation level about how much she stank.

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If it’s a revenge tale I hope Ellie has a relationship with a living character throughout the game


Boy have I lost my appetite for literally everything Naughty Dog does.

Edit: It is good they didn’t shy away from Ellie’s queerness and are just making her hella gay.

The scene at the dance was enough to make me care about The Last of Us 2. I didn’t need several minutes of murder to be like “yeah I’m hype now”.

I like this evolution of TLoU’s world. Notice the lack of clickers/infected. They’ve become less of a threat and now it’s different groups of humans warring against each other. I can’t wait for this.


DAmn, I didn’t think I’d get it so fast.

Thanks, videogames.


This is working real hard to top the Tomb Raider reboot in terms of “video game violence that makes me uncomfortable”


Cool of Sony to open their press conference with an extremely gay kissing scene. Shame I can’t feel good about Naughty Dog stuff after how poorly they handled the harassment allegations recently levelled at the company.


Sony made a transforming stage. Of course they did.

I really want to support the gay but thats just too much for me between the suspense and just how uncomfortable that violence is I think I’ll never get around to even watching the game.

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wow what a trainwreck this conference idea is

sony is at the height of hubris right now.


Yeah, this is some real E3-ass ridiculousness.

I’m kinda into it? It’s weird but, I mean, it’s different.

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Shawn Layden does not have the jaw for that beard. This presser is so boring I have nothing else to think about.

I support this so hard. Sony makes enough money to be considered one of the Cyberpunk Megacorps that own and control our world. I’m glad they’re spending it on extravagant presentations and shit.

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I mean think about all the journalists that have to move from building to building in the hot LA sun. Also that first venue didn’t even have chairs!!!


I mean, they had an orchestra back in 2015. why not just keep with that and support some musicians. this seems so silly

I liked it till they started talking too much. Clearly E3 needs more banjos
okay twitch stream died…

Tetris Effect is the best argument I have yet seen for VR, that game is so beautiful