Sony @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


Welp. They even messed up the gimmick


The best part about this format is that they definitely won’t do it again next year.


lol at the david carradine comments


Sucker Punch really learned their lesson about culture appropriation from their previous game. Now the culture appropriation is outside the game too!


loving this white dude dressed in traditional japanese clothes playing a shakuhachi



Problems aside, I like what they’re doing with the live music introing trailers and stuff.

Edit: MONGOL INVASION - DAY NINE is a really fucking strong first impression.


Oh wow is this game gonna be entirely in english yeesh


I cannot fathom what made Sony think this format was a good idea. The music could be cool, but it goes on way too long.


I highly doubt it won’t have a japanese language track


Wow this game is gorgeous. I’m really digging the environmental sound design, too. Weird that it’s a western dev, but i can ignore a story for some of these beautiful set pieces.


Like Kurasawa I make mad films/
kay I don’t make films/
but if I did there’d be a samurai

-Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima, 2019

(Look that game looks absolutely beautiful but I have such little confidence in Sucker Punch after they fucked up with Second Son)


Okay I’m into this Control game though. Psi-ops and Second Sight need more spiritual successors.



tbh i was excited for a mouse game

and geez that warning at the start has really been necessary. all their violence is so in close and personal


I absolutely, positively, definitely could have done without Justin Roiland


Kingdom Hearts 3 tally, anyone?


Wait till E3 is over, because you know they’re gonna be at Nintendo’s conference too.


I do not understand Kingdom Hearts, but I like Utada’s music.


He makes “deliveries”.


Kojima’s done it again!


Thank god, something vaguely tangible for DS

Oh shit, we got guns!

Lea Seydoux?

Who’s Lindsay Wagner?