Sony @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


If you’re into hot Samurai action, this is the E3 for you.


Kojima is definitely an auteur. I think he’s as up his own ass as that baby, but to each…


Aaaaaand now I’m hyped for Spidey, pwease let Mysterio be in this

Wow, THAT was anticlimactic



so i kinda just left this conference being less interested in spider-man. and they failed to sell me on anything else.

it was a real bad show for sony. and no way in hell am i buying a damn thing from naughty dog or sucker punch knowing how shitty their studios are.


Death Stranding, good lord, I was half expecting a January 2019 on it too. Those environments are beautiful, just let me drag some weird boxes around it. And Léa Seydoux, thank you. My binging of The Walking Dead this year has really grown my appreciation of Norman Reedus.

I’m sorry but what is up with these terrible, strange Kingdom Hearts trailers? They are just random clips! And there is no sound! Aargh

The Last of Us 2 is a no from me. First game isn’t very good first of all, but the appeal here seems to be nothing but graphics tech. Incredible as it is! Good skin tech.


I think I’m all E3’d out.


The conference worked well for me. I loved the tone pieces before The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, and the focus on four big games worked given Sony’s market position. You can at this point assume you can play any modern game on your PS4, so why not focus on the things that separate the platform from Microsoft, Nintendo, or PC? Plus, Spider-Man looks great, which plays well to an old webhead like me.

And I can’t turn down a free Black Ops III. I haven’t played COD in years but I’m willing to check in on it.


I was expecting to be disapointed by Death Stranding but I ended up well inty it. It wasn’t a generic shootybang like I felt it would inevitably be, it looks slow, surreal, meditative, methodical, well inty it.

And Nioh 2 is belting, though god damn is that aesthetic full up right now. Deifnitely got room in my heart for both Nioh and Sekiro.

…probably not for Tsushima though. It looks pretty and all, but it looked like it played like the most standard videogame. Nae interest.

Resi 2 is good, even if I’ve only ever played Resident Evil 4 and thaught it was shite.

Last of us 2 looks like another game I’ve played a billion times before. Doesn’t matter how good that party sequence was, no way I can play that game for more than 5 minutes before falling asleep.



Looking forward to Control and surprised that 505 actually advertised a game.


Some good words from Mr. Jeff Bakalar here that I align with:

And I’ll extend the thought by saying that I feels as though Sony is using brutal violence as a major selling point and as a sort of forced “maturity” and it’s deeply unsettling. It makes me lose a lot of interest in their games.

Overall, I can’t say I was really here for a lot of what they showed, a lot of it was for the reasons stated above. I also would have liked to actually hear from the developers about their games. (maybe then they could have actually provided some context for some of the stuff that made me uncomfortable) There were a few standouts for me though.

Control looks great. I’m a huge Remedy fan and I love games like Psi-Ops and Second Sight, so I’m excited that it seems like they’re going in that direction for gameplay.

I’m happy Death Stranding doesn’t seem to be super combat focused. I’m not a huge Kojima stan though so I remain skeptical.

Resi 2 being a full on remake is awesome. I have a lot of reverence for that game and would love to play it again with an RE4 control scheme.

Last of Us 2: more gay less slay, please.


Jeez, weird that the most compelling trailer was the kingdom hearts 3 one. Nioh 2 is cool though, looking forward to that


i missed the conference, did Media Molecule show off Dreams at all?


Yes, there were vignettes between the different segments made in Dreams, but that was it.


thanks, there isn’t a lot that Sony is pushing out recently that i’m very into but Dreams seems like something unique and interesting and not ultraviolent. would’ve liked to have had a more substantial look at it, but alas.


I feel a little weird and self-conscious when people act mortified by CG violence when it literally has no emotional impact on me at all.

That’s not a judgement of anyone of course, it’s just a little hard for me to really reconcile the difference in reaction.


I’m interested in RE2 since I’ve (shamefully) never played the original, but so much shown tonight (and this E3 in general) looks samey. I am getting really bored with post-apocalyptic settings, and Sekiro, Nioh, and Ghost of Tsushima may as well be the same game (and despite being a big Dark Souls fan, no character creator on Sekiro basically kills any interest for it).

Maybe I’m just getting old :pensive:


I’m pretty sure I’m desensitized to the violence, but on the possibly weirder other end I think I’m also desensitized to the kiss in that preview.

“Hmm? Oh, right, that; they’re lesbians, Harold.”

Googles if Gustavo Santaolalla has won an Oscar yet. I think he did for Babel?

Edit: Brokeback Mountain and Babel.


I’m not put off by ultraviolence because I find it troubling to watch, it’s just kind of hack now. Either a game goes to great lengths to justify it or it’s just in there for no reason. Being put off by seeing a series of trailers where the main characters kill a dozen people comes more from a place of wanting games to be more varied in tone or subject matter.


I’m not really bothered by the violence, but the “here’s a cute/interesting/picturesque scene and NOW VIOLENCE” juxtaposition is so trite and boring at this point, and TLOU2 was a really aggressive form of that.