Sony @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


On the violence:

I’m not mortified by the violence itself.

I’m extremely put off by how it’s used, especially by Sony first party, as contextless shock or to make you feel like “the world is HARSH, MAN.” Be more fucking creative. Find other ways to tell me that the world is bad. Seriously it just feels so tired.

I’m also actually am a little mortified by how much people love that stuff. This isn’t a movie with really bad CG I can kinda laugh at, or a Cronenburg movie with amazing practical effects. They’re trying their best to render brutal murder as realistically as possible and people eat it up.

Edit: Also I’ve been neglecting to mention that Sony and their first party prestige studios have had a really bad track record so far dealing with issues regarding labour exploitation and sexual misconduct. They’re just not in a good place with me right now.


Normally I’m mostly okay with it I mean I watched Logan and had no problem with him sticking claws through peoples heads but cringed at the sight of needles but Last of Us kinda took it in an uncomfortable direction that I think made me sensitive for the other stuff.
Like the whole part where Ellie has the one dude on his knees and has to repeatedly hack at his neck to kill him. The Last of Us trailer also made the enemies look pretty distinct and like real people and it just made me wonder what happened that people were killing eachother :frowning:
Oh and like @sheropolis said it was juxtaposed with a really cute scene

I mean I kinda like that I felt that way about it because I think its way more interesting to care about the people dying but it doesn’t really work with typical game loops where they expect you to do it again and again and again


And then we get into the weird part they can’t cover in a gameplay video where it gonna feel really satisfying to smash a head in LoU2. Though come to think of it LoU wasn’t actually that great for blunt object heft.


Well having seen some post conference spider-man gameplay i’m maybe a little more confident now. but most of what we’ve been seeing since it was announced have been super cutscene heavy set piece boss battles where i wonder how much of it i’ll actually be controlling? ultimately i just want a lot of open world #content because i’m mostly here for the web slinging.

While a gay kiss between ellie and her girlfriend is extremely good it cross cutting to grautuitous violence just kinda made my stomach churn. I’ve done plenty of violent things in games but sometimes i just get so exhausted by it all and i think what we’ve seen of The Last of Us Part 2 so far is just way over the line of good taste. I also have 0 hope of Ellie’s girlfriend surviving this game. Maybe i’m a cynic but i just see Naughty Dog writing her in to get positive buzz and then killing her off to fuel Ellie’s rage and the last thing i fucking need right now is more dead lesbians in media. Of course it’s all speculation at this point. But I don’t trust naughty dog and i’d feel super weird giving them money anyway based on how they handled themselves last year when a former employee alleged sexual harassment.

Ghosts of Tsushima just… It’s a western studio doing a game set in Japan… After seeing that white dude performing that song before the gameplay was shown and knowing their track record I don’t trust them.

and as for Death Stranding. I feel like one of the few people that remains unimpressed by the yearly song and dance of this game and it’s trailers. Sure i’ve always found Kojima games interesting and even enjoy some. But dude has a bad track record with writing women and even after this presentation i still have no clue what this game is gonna play like. I’d like to be proven wrong though. But have my doubts based on his prior work.

The RE2 remake looked cool but i’m just not a horror game person and after all the gore of previous trailers i was just so tired. I really need some bright and happy games. I can only take so much.

Edit: Oh shit i forgot about Control! I’ve never played a Remedy game but that looked neat!


My first thought when I saw that white guy playing that flute was: I think Gustavo plays flute. Would this be less tacky if Gustavo was playing that flute?


So…Last of Us Part 2 is probably gonna use the “Bury Your Gays” trope, right? I mean with how depressing this game world is…


Definitely not alone. It feels weird for weirds sake without a coherent angle for the weirdness. All of the characters look like they’re from different games and world’s and it isn’t working for me.


As much as I want to desperately hope this isn’t true… it probably is and I fucking hate it

I want to just be excited for TLOU 2, but it’s basically impossible



I liked the demos for Ghost of Tsushima and Spider man though. Wish Ghost had a date.


Hideo Kojima and His Famous Friends Enter a Hell of His Own Design


Wait, I totally forgot; did they kill Nathan Fillion in that Destiny trailer. Like they shot his Ghost first and…


I have no problems with post-apocalyptic fiction, but it has been the cultural thing for a very long time now, and no one really does anything new with it. We need to either move on, do something creative with the setting, or find more interesting stories to tell. Fallout is the only one left that still holds any interest for me, and that’s largely because the nature of the game kinda lets you do your own thing, even if the setting is rote.

As for the samurai games the problem isn’t just that they all look too similar to one another, but rather that they also look far too much like many games that came before them, all with essentially the same protagonist. Dark Souls lets me play as a super buff grandma that clubs things with a giant mace. I really don’t want to go back to generic dudes as the main character ever again.


You see, that is awesome to me.

Maybe I just want more Twin Peaks: The Return.


On a somewhat related note, I feel super bad for the Day’s Gone team. That is a Sony first-party game and it has been BURIED. It doesn’t help that it honestly looks boring, but that’s gotta be spiritually devastating.


“Oh well this is actually a much more interesting angle than the other trailer they showe-and she buried her machete in that dude’s jugular, alright”

Ghost of Tsushima looked great though! Also liked how they worked Dreams into the presentation too. If Sony continues to refuse to tell us anything about death stranding then I honestly don’t care anymore.


I spent so much of high school playing COD:MW but haven’t spent much time with the series since the first Black Ops.

So the best thing from this press conference is a free copy of Black Ops III. I would have missed it if you didn’t post so thank you! I’m excited to get into that multiplayer loop again.


I feel like the Sony conference would have benefited from having a bigger presence for a game like Dreams (one of their few first party titles supposedly coming later this year) during the show, given it’s not a murder simulator like most other things they’re putting out. Instead we got few tiny vignettes that they spent less time on than the Black Ops pre-order maps.

I dunno, there were things about that conference that I liked but I’ve found that increasingly I’m less interested in the studios Sony is throwing money behind. Be it Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Quantic Dreams, Sucker Punch, or Kojima’s thing. It’s not even the gratuitous violence, I’m far past desensitised to that by now (though I’d appreciate more games that gave their violence some actual meaning beyond being gritty and “prestige”). What I can’t ignore is the context surrounding the studios. Two of those studios have recently had allegations of harassment thrown at them, (at least) two have dealt in bad, poorly-researched appropriation of other cultures in their games, and we’ve heard the stories about crunch and the less than great treatment of the workers at these companies (but hey look at Kojima, isn’t the fact that this one guy lucked into a bunch of money and the ability to do what he wants such a good success story?).

These problems certainly aren’t unique to Sony’s first-party but I found myself thinking about it a lot throughout that press conference. I try to find a happy medium for myself between getting excited for new games on the horizon without looking past the problems this industry would rather you forget, but today has had me feeling more cynical than any other day of the event thus far (in fairness having to stay up to ungodly hours of the night to watch these things has not helped that).


I have no interest in Kojima’s weird-ass cologne commercial, tbh. It’s got some cool environs, but once it got into the impenetrable auteur nonsense Kojima’s known for, I checked right out.


Partially agree because they realize Kojima has enough of a reputation for the game to sell no matter what but I imagine he still works with some sort of marketing team who’s cool with just letting him show his nonsensical mountain climbing trailers. Also think it’s fascinating that the behind the scenes of this game is just Mikkeksen, Reedus, and Kojima drinking and having a good old time on Sony’s dime, which I’m ok with. Sony is so laser focused on pumping out prestige games that they honestly dont care one bit how much it costs anymore, that much is becoming clear


I was definitely thinking about this too. I was reminded of the trailer for tloup2 at the Paris conference or whichever one was right after the allegations came out and how unsettling it was. More often it feels like people are seeing the unfortunate development environments and how some of the worldviews that create such bad working conditions are somewhat reflected in the games produced by the studios. And it sucks.