Sony @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


“it could take inspiration from “walking simulators”, Telltale and DONTNOD games, and even visual novels”… I mean come on… If Naughty Dog’s next game was a walking simulator gamers (and sony execs) would burn that studio to the ground. That really isn’t a reasonable demand.


“haha gotcha you’re a terrible person for even picking this game up! What a monster”

If Joel was a cipher character I would almost be inclined to agree with you, but its not “you” its Joel’s Story. I never felt I was doing any of these acts or that we were intended to feel as if Joel was a “stand in” for the player. We don’t need “choice” given to us in every game.


I did not say that it needs to be a walking simulator. I said that they could take inspiration from said games. But have fun jousting with that strawman.


Beyond that, it could take inspiration from “walking simulators”, Telltale and DONTNOD games, and even visual novels… Why not interpersonal and non-violent conflict?.” No strawman. But that demand is just as unreasonable as demanding that Dontnod add guns to their games. Not liking their style of game is fine but this is not a realistic expectation.


To be fair to the potential of future AAA games focused on relationships, Detroit is a shitty game about a fake civil rights movement written by an abusive man with the emotional intelligence of a honey-glazed ham.



And, since it’s from the same episode, I couldn’t help it.


(Which, ok, might not be true, but it’s probably also possible to win friends with salad, so I’m calling fair game.)


I love these so, so much.


Methinks you haven’t played many DONTNOD games, because outside of Life is Strange, their games a heavily combat oriented. And even Life is Strange’s entire plot hinges on an act of gun violence.

In any case, if you read my original comment carefully, I never said that I want no violence in The Last of Us Part 2, just that always focusing on combat indicates a lack of imagination. Simply put, I think there are more ways to interact with a world as rich in detail as TLoU that isn’t through the barrel of a gun.

And what is this nonsense about reasonable expectations? That just sounds like you trying to maintain the crappy status quo. 10 years ago it would have been unreasonable to ask that women in games not be entirely sex objects, and now that’s considered normal. It took a lot of agitating from people who were seen as unreasonable to change things, and I don’t see how this is much different. The medium deserves better than a two-hour movie stapled onto 10 hours of wanton murder.


Don’t really see how it’s so unreasonable when Resident Evil 7 of all games had Gone Home as an inspiration. I feel like triple-A are always looking at the indie space, but takes a long time to incorporate their innovations. Considering ND’s aspirations and style of “prestige”, so to speak, I don’t think it’s that out there to think they would be interested in focusing more and more on character interaction and other storytelling techniques (which is their forte anyway) than pure action and combat. I don’t think anyone is expecting/necessarily want them to replace combat with a dialogue wheel, but if there’s a triple-A studio that could broaden the possibilities for what would be a typical action game (and probably get tons of praise for it) it’s Naughty Dog.


Who’s demanding? I’m sorry, I’m looking through @Navster’s post, but I’m not seeing any demands. What I am seeing is a pretty reasonable critique of the apparent direction of TLoU 2, given the other potentially more interesting ways to engage with the subject matter that aren’t just in-your-face brutal violence. But sure, let’s misconstrue criticism as demanding game developers bend to our whim, because that’s always been a recipe for rational discourse.


Oh yes, that wasn’t me commenting in any way on how those potential games might turn out. I definitely wish that Sony would diversify their chase for the relationship-based AAA prestige game beyond literally just Quantic Dream.


My issue is I can’t really treat Joel as much more than a Cipher when most of his personality is just “gruff apocalypse dude who needs a child to pull him out of his emotional shell”. I’ve seen it before, and it just elicits an eye-roll from me. I think there’s also a strong argument to be made that the game is very much not Joel’s story, but Ellie’s. She has far more of an arc, and Naughty Dog’s decision to make her the player character in the sequel seems to sorta confirm this.


if Naughty Dog released a walking simulator (which, by the way, is explicitly not what @navster requested), the absolute deluge of schadenfreude I would amass from all of the screaming, ineffectual, impotent ‘gamers’ who would want to ‘burn that studio to the ground’ would be greater than a thousand pleasures potentially garnered from playing a lifetime of prestige action games. all the dopamine squirting about my brain would look like a summer sky on the fucking fourth of July


permission to use that line in the future.