Sony, Facebook Won’t Appear at Game Developers Conference Over Coronavirus Concerns

Not long after Sony announced it wouldn’t be appearing at next week’s popular PAX East convention due to ongoing concerns with the flu-like coronavirus, the company told it was also pulling out of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) next month. The publication also reported Facebook/Oculus would be avoiding GDC, as well.

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Maybe, if enough big companies pull out, they can cancel these big expensive get-togethers, and we can see what the industry might be like with something different in their places!

@Hache I hope not. This year is the first time I’ll be going!!! I’ve watched a bunch of the GDC talks on youtube and most of them are really interesting and informative (check out the classic games postmortems). Also its a great place for indies to congregate and do business. And I know a lot of students go to network for internships and jobs. But its is really expensive, especially because its in SF. So there are definitely legitimate criticisms of the event.

With all that said I think its kinda weird that Sony is pulling out, seems like overkill to me. But I’m definitely gonna try to keep extra clean